Runaway fishing charters

Internet technology

Internet technology was not very common when I was a child in the early 2000s. Instead, I read books from the library to help with my homework. Also, I did not have access to social media, so if I wanted to talk with friends or family, I would call them directly instead of texting or video calling. Internet technology is common now, and many young people spend more time on social media than with their parents.

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Just wanted to say happy birthday

Esha, just wanted to say happy birthday to you the most sexiest gorgeous and phenomenal person in the world, I just want to say today should be a national holiday, because well to me you are also a national treasure, and to you I want to write this the longest thing I’ve ever written to anybody, because well I love you and you mean everything and anything to me

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Critically discussing the patterns

This assignment will be critically discussing the patterns of crime and the development of social control in Nigeria. In order to do this, this assignment will focus on two imperative themes. One is the rights of women in Nigeria are affected due to Nigeria's patriarchal societal norms and values. And two, corruption within the Nigerian government and its link with conflict and human rights abuses. To enhance the discussion, the essay identifies key social, political and economic factors that influence the approaches to crime and social control.

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