Age Requirements in the Music Industry

Published: 2021-08-17 03:10:07
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Music brings excitement to everyone’s lives. It goes without saying, music industry is a youth dominated business.  Music creates huge portions of popular cultures, promoting fashions, make-up, automobiles, popular hangouts and latest technology. People behind scenes in music business targeting youthful audiences bring in most revenue. Performer’s ability to portray sex symbolic image determines, to a large extent, record company’s success.
Age Requirements;
When professionals force very young children into stretching their vocal chords to match pitches in high notes above treble staff, when a child is given drugs to work longer hours while keeping up with school work, it is too young. When an older person no longer wants to make efforts to appeal to audiences, that is when they are too old. Madonna, Tina Turner and Janet Jackson did not acquire their sex symbol images by accident, regardless of how beautiful they were when they were born. When a “stroke of bad luck” involving serious health problems, is another time when a person is too old for the music industry. This can occur at 20 years old, or it may never occur. Music industry professionals are not concerned with actual ages, as they are with possessing appearances and talent appealing to youth and ability to hold audiences.

“Although Bocelli was exposed to different styles when he was young, its been my experience age doesn’t matter. What matters is a willingness to do what it takes. I have used methods to assist many singers into developing new styles, regardless of age” (Goodrich, 2007).  Carrying off a sexy singing voice is equally important as carrying off sexy physical image. Many auditions forms ask a persons age range. Age range refers to the age performers can portray. Very often, a 40 year old person has an age range of 20-25; likewise very often, a twenty five year old has an age range of 40-50.
Sex Symbols;
“Audiences today have a very short attention p. An ability to intrigue an audience is mandatory” (paraphrased, Ravelo, November 1, 2007).  Sex symbols definitely intrigues audiences, initially. Anyone can look like a sex symbol. Sex symbol status, like it or not, is determined by weight management. Rules of statistics do not apply to people keeping youthful appearances years longer than expected. Singers such as Beyonce, Madonna, PussyCat Dolls are superior role models for women. Their hairstyles, fashions, physique contribute to their identity of being a sex symbol.
Even with stricter laws on underage drinking, and the nightclub staff, many underage people successfully enter into clubs. All night club personnel must attend classes and pass a mandatory exam regarding laws. Fake identification cards, or theft of someone else’s valid ID’s are one way it is done. Legal parents or guardians accompanying their children can legally enter into night clubs and drink, as long as the beverage is served to the parent, and they parent gives them the drink. Sometimes managers bend rules allowing underage people into the club.
And sometimes unmentioned arrangements are bargained with between the club and the state and city law enforcement agencies. Clubs who ID every person walking through the door, are probably the ones pulling something under the table. Nightclubs appeal to youthful crowds. Usually, nightclubs target age groups by music selection. Sometimes a persons choice of music reveals their age. People educated in music will listen to all types of music.
Music industry has no age requirements. Music industry requires targeting youthful audiences at any age. Popular culture, which is youth oriented, is often associated with music. Music videos are full of sex symbols, including Justin Timberlake, Elvis, Ricky Martin, Usher, Gwen Steffani, Christina Augillera. Sex symbols in music industry serve as wonderful role models for all people of all ages. People who are in the spotlight also have a responsibility to ensure their behavior is worth copying. The media and Christian groups love to “throw dirt” on anything or anyone presented as a glamorous sexy superstar. Music video industry has talented sex symbols of all ages.
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