Being Wasteful

Published: 2021-07-25 02:05:09
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Being Wasteful             What being wasteful means to me is not using what you have or been given in a proper way. When I think of someone being wasteful, I think of someone that buys clothes and never wears them and just keeps buying new. Another way I think of being wasteful is by not eating your food that you are given or buy and having to throw it away. I also believe you can be wasteful with your finances. The first way I feel that someone can be wasteful is by buying clothes and never wearing them. To have a closet or floor full of clothes and to only wear the same three outfits every week is wasteful.
My friend Andrea has this habit; she will say she has to go buy a new outfit to go to work in. She will then go to the mall, spend hours picking out this outfit, and take it home to put it in her closet and end up never wearing it. She has approximately twenty outfits still with tags on them that she has never worn. After she decides she doesn’t want them or won’t wear them, she won’t take them back because she states “I’m going to wear them someday. ” This to me is just being wasteful. I believe it is wasteful because she is buying clothes she does not need, and she is wasting money. Another way I think of being wasteful is with food.
If you go spend the money on the groceries you need to cook meals or a dinner, and then decide that you don’t want to have it, but then never do anything with that food and it spoils and you have to throw it out, that is being wasteful. In addition, if you put so much food on your plate and do not eat it and then have to throw it in the trash, that is being wasteful. My daughter Kaytlyn has a very bad habit of thinking she is hungrier than she actually is, and once she starts eating before she even gets close to being done, she has to throw part of it away. Then not even an hour later she will want to come ask for a snack.

We argue a lot about this; I tell her to start out with smaller amounts, and then if she is still hungry to go back and get more. Another example of being wasteful with food is I will make dinner and have leftovers in the fridge. After several nights of cooking, we take and have a leftover night, and no one wants to eat the leftovers. I get very aggravated with this, because if no one eats the leftover that means this food is being thrown away, leading to more food and money is being wasted. Last is being wasteful with money. Being wasteful with money is thinking you have to spend every penny you have just ecause it is there. My son Austin is very bad about being wasteful with his money. He will buy whatever he wants like LED flashing lights for the inside of his truck that he believes makes it look cool, and he will not take a second look at what he may need in the future. He also has the habit of wasting his money on gas. The example I have for this is he will drive to a friend’s house, then back home to grab something, and then drive back to the same friend’s house. He would not be being wasteful if when he was ready to leave, he would grab everything he needed for what they had planned.
Then when something comes up that he needs money for he never has any and then wants to borrow from me. I tell him all the time, “Maybe you should not be so wasteful with your money and put some in the bank account you have. ”            The examples I have described are all ways I feel define being wasteful. I feel buying clothes you do not need, and are never going to wear, wasting food that you cook or put on your plate, and are not going to eat, and spending money just because you have it in your pocket, and not saving any money for future need are all examples of being wasteful.

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