Body Piercings

Published: 2021-08-02 16:10:08
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Body piercing has increased over long terms of period of time and it becomes one of the trendiest and culture in today’s our life. This has attracted the most people who are interested about body piercing, and then they get attention especially from media when famous celebrities come up in advertisement with their body piercings and tattoos. However, there are various places that people do the body piercing such as tongues, noses, navels and even their genital, but this occurs lots of arguments that piercing makes in dangers or just showing as one of individuality.
Many piercers are re-representing the piercing as an option of styling or strong expressions about themselves, and having one of body piercing or tattoos are a means of personal empowerment for some Ger Xers who are typically searching for individualism and control of their lives. These arguments give strong opinions to person by person and it could spread out popular in very short time in publicity. However, following the articles by Lori Wilkerson he said that “it has existed in many cultures for hundreds of years in many historical countries and many historical reasons are generally about advertise wealthy and the power of men.
Another argument in favor of piercing is there is man Griffhorn, 26, owner of Black Hole Professional Body Piercing shop in Reno, mentioned “Trend is the biggest reason and it ways to reclaim people after physical or sexual abuse”. On the other hand, opponents including many doctors point out that it refers to regarding the possible dangers such as oral piercings cause swollen tongues, excessive bleeding, and typical infections also swallowing of small parts of jewellery.

Moreover, according to articles by Quint Miller(2000), there are common piercing problems appeared from people when they ripped their skin from the jewellery either catching on clothing or even being pulled off. It leads to get infections easily especially to get Hepatitis C. Hepatitis C is an infection which is extremely dangerous than other problems because it can causes cirrhosis and cancer of the liver. For this reasons, some medical practitioners said that “many piercers are providing their services in unsafe environments such as no gloves or masks to remove their jewellery, no sterilization equipment and unsanitary surroundings”.
Thus, with all arguments from advatanges and disadantages the first thing we must remember about to care and treats out skins when it gets infections even it is a way of expressions of individuality or favourite things to do. It is also good to know from behind old history why people did body piercings and tattoos, and how it continued to be exist until now. The reason because there are so many different characters of people gathering around and their passionative ideology makes small communities to one big society.

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