Bright Horizons Company

Published: 2021-08-21 15:00:09
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Bright Horizons Company
This is a company in United States of America acting as a centre based child care and providing services such as enrichment programs, back up care, summer camps, family support services, admissions counseling services, college preparation services, vacation care, before and after school care and elementary school education. For corporate clients, it provides strategic work or life consulting services. This company has received high reputation all over the world because of excellence in delivering its services and massively contributing to economic growth around the globe. The company has thus risen to great heights in the competition field, enjoying the benefits of global market domination (Brown, 2001, p.52).
The success of this company has been attributed to several factors. The company took precautions from the world go by building a strong customer base. For making money, the company has developed two basic models; clients pay management fee and earning profit margin out of operating budget through an assumption of financial risk for operation. Therefore, this is an employer sponsored company because it is the employers who supply investments and capital for outfitting and building the centers. According to the way the company has gained profit out of this strategy, it is clear that logistics management and human resources management are keeping the company in the safest edge of competition.

Secondly, this is a company that is committed to quality assurance. There are high desires against violations of state licensing regulations, national accreditation and high levels of parent satisfaction. Quality in child care starts with the employees in the company. To encourage the employees, the company gives them a very competitive premium and comprehensive benefits like health insurance and tuition reimbursement. This enables it to attract high quality teachers who offer quality caring services. To extend the level of quality, the company does not only adhere to local licensing requirements but also to National Association for the Education of Young Children. A state of the art learning environment is also created for the children. To match the needs of the children, the company upholds a principle known as ‘‘work at their fingertips’’, meaning that the needs of the parents, children and clients are given the first priority. The organizational structure of their quality management gives them global recognition and therefore keeps it competitive (Brown, 2001, p.53).
Like the other companies, Bright Horizons Company has faced several challenges. However the company has been responding by turning the challenges to strengths. Such challenges include the effect of low margins, weak economies of scale, heavy regulatory oversight, low labor intensity, lack of proprietary technology and weak consumer brands. The above problems are common in all child care institutions. The way the company has been handling the challenges has been a matter of logistics management in issues of profit optimization and costs minimization.
The approach of the company in dealing with emerging problems has enables it to weaken traditional barriers to entry because capital is flowing to the company from different investors with different investment options. This makes the company to engage in multiple activities. Technology has also utilized this opportunity to topple companies that were once stable but are not responsive to it, with Bright Horizons lying on the safe side of technological advancement. Therefore it will be sensible to conclude that the company is in the right track to counter very day’s technology through its stand on human resource management, quality management, customer company relationship, profitability and costs management and general operational logistics (Brown, 2001, p.54).

Work cited:
Brown Roger. How We Built a Strong Company in a Weak Industry. EBSCO Publishing,                     February, 2001; pp.51-57

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