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Published: 2021-08-22 06:45:07
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Bestlaptops is a fairly large family run business specialising in the sale of 'refurbished' Dell laptops and replacement accessories. It currently has a shop in Leeds and a small warehouse on the outskirts of Bradford. Aims and Objectives: One of the main aims of the business at present is to develop a transactional e-commerce website to sell refurbished dell laptops to a wide audience. Bestlaptops hopes to become a purely Internet based business with no real physical infrastructure or shop.
By going online, the company aims to provide laptops and accessories of the highest quality to all its customers and in the process increase the company size through an increased customer base and higher revenues. By going online, it also aims to become market leader in the North of England and eventually the UK. The company would change its name to become known as bestlaptops. com. The company, at present has a medium sized shop in Leeds City Centre, which supplies products to local customers in the region.
The business has been established since 1995, and has grown gradually. The owner of the business feels it is time to grow and expand further by going online and competing with others throughout the UK. The company is hoping to compete on price as well as on providing quality service and faster delivery to consumers. Bestlaptops is a fairly established business that has been around for over seven years.

It is currently operating in a market with very little competition and targets customers in the local region, but over the last year or so, the company has experienced fall in sales in line with the profits. Most of their current competitors have all moved their businesses to online. The only real competitor in the north of England is 'The PC Store' in Wakefield. The company supplies hardware/software products for desktop PC's as well as new and refurbished laptops. They do not really concentrate upon or specialise in the sales of refurbished laptops.
There are also a couple of regional shops selling second hand laptops in Bradford and Manchester, but these are not really a threat to the business as they have a very small turnover and cannot compete with the range of products and price Bestlaptops can offer. By going online, the company would move into a different market, it will operate in a smaller market with few competitors but a fiercely fought one. From the information collected, there are several players in the market.
Of the business identified, there is Laptopshop, which is operating in Essex, who has recently moved into the national market by becoming an e-business, although the company does still have a physical infrastructure. Alpha Laptops is another competitor that specialises in the sale of refurbished laptops, also seeing the opportunity and have gone online recently. Other key players are based in the south of England. These include justlaptopsonline. co. uk based in Lincolnshire, alpha-laptops. co. uk in Portsmouth and laptopshop. com in Essex. justlaptopsonline. co.
uk is a purely internet based company. They supply new and refurbished laptops. Their product range for refurbished laptops is not very large, having very few laptops for each brand name. alpha-laptops. co. uk is also another purely internet based organisation that do not have a huge range of products. The laptops sold by the company vary in age, but are mostly 4-5 years old. The owner of Bestlaptops feels they need to go online if they are to gain a larger customer base and win customers from their competitors by competing on price and by having a larger range of products, both new and old.

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