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Published: 2021-07-16 15:25:06
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It is specialized in the selling of clothing, home products and luxury food products. Indeed, the company concentrate itself on quality products for well off customers. It Is employing more that 85 81 3 person all over the world In 2014 and got a turnover retailer market. II. Findings A. Structure Over its development M&S has changed of structure. It became over the years, a flatter structure organization. Employees got more responsibilities that enable them to take quick decision. They must be prepared to explain and Justify the decision they take.
In order to development that structure, M&S has given more importance to the development of employees ' careers by set up training and reviewing of skills in concussion session between employees. Moreover, employees are able to create a career planning profile that enables them to focus on their next target role. It shows how M is supporting the development of skills within the company. The aim of this strategy is to make evolve without interruption the skills of employees and by this improve performance of the company.
It brings benefits to both parts for they own development. By training and developing its staff well, Marks & Spencer is in a position to develop a competitive advantage over its competitors. M success is due to its guiding principles: Inspiration - generating new ideas that excite customers, enthuse people and enhance business. Innovation - focusing on continuous improvement, pushing boundaries and encouraging experimentation. Integrity - doing the right thing, not the easy thing; building trust and reinforcing our reputation.

In Touch - understanding what's important to customers, the communities in which it works. M&S is also engaged a Policy of Equal Opportunities Policy in order to diversify employees. They promote an environment free from discrimination, harassment to ensure everyone equality of opportunity to achieve their potential. All employment decision is objective based on work criteria and individual merit. M&S try to maximize personal and commercial opportunities. M&S think that employees need to be well rewarded for the work.
That's why they developed a reward package that's proven to attract, motivate and retain the best people. This package include: Pay - Checking salaries against other companies to make sure of the competitiveness of M&S. Moreover, extra performance is rewarded by increasing pay to recognize individual achievements. Employee discount: Every employee gets a 20 % discount on all in tore and online purchase. Holiday- Employees get a minimum of 28 days 'statutory holiday per year. Bonus: M give out bonus when the company has good profit.

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