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Published: 2021-08-22 11:40:07
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These four areas are controlling, leading, organizing, and planning There are many tasks every business needs to do If It Is going to succeed. Each of hese tasks Is described as being a function of a business. The following Is a brief Introduction to each of these functions: Human Resources - ensures the business has the best staff for the Job and that they are able to work effectively In a safe environment; Finance - will keep a record of all money coming In and going out of the business.
They have responslblllty for securing finances for future expansion and paying staff and suppliers: Administration and ICT support - ensure the smooth running of the business on a day-to-day basis. They have responsibility for clerical uties, cleaning, computer and software support, security and health and safety; Operations have the task of producing the goods or service in the most efficient way.
This is done by making best use of the business's staff, machinery, building and raw materials; Customer Service - will help the customer before and after a sale has been made by providing information, giving advice, providing credit facilities, delivering goods and providing after-sales support; research and development - will help the business remain competitive by developing new goods and services and pdating the existing ones; use of ICT - ICT will be used in each of these functional The role of a manager within the functional areas of a business are not only limited to the day to day dealings with subordinates.

Mangers also work closely with other managers to monitor progress between departments and to reduce the need for repeat work. Managers in todays organizations assume multiple roles that are each dependent upon the other in order for a business to be efficient and succe ent personnel, to ensure that all work is getting done In a timely manner and that the business is being represented as Intended. ss.

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