Is a Casino in the City a Good or Bad Thing?

Published: 2021-08-05 09:05:06
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Casinos have become more and more popular nowadays. However, some cities and even countries, especially the Islamic ones, do not pass laws to set up casinos. This is because its benefits usually come with disadvantages. About benefits, first of all, casinos generates great revenue for cities. The law demands casinos’s owners to pay steep taxes in order to keep their operations. Then the city can use that money to ameliorate the infrastructure, hospitals, schools... and other cummunal utilities.
In addition, having a Casino in the city enhances tourism. These days, besides the traditional entertainments, people tend to find another way to relax and to enjoy themselves. Going to casinos is one of the new good choices. Nevertheless, there are just some cities have casinos, so if the people live in no-casinos places want to go there , they have to drive to the city that has one. This intensely improves the tourism of that city. However, everything has its pros and cons. Crimes are usually associated with Casinos.
Some people rob others to get the money to spend on casinos. Few may even kill their victim to get what they want. This cause the crime rates of cities increased. Moreover, a few ones who have unstable mental state may get too addicted to gambling. They may spend their money uncontrollably and be brought to ruin. Having a casino in the city can be a double-edged sword. It not only brings benefits but also disadvantages. If we can restrain the bad sides, casinos will be a great profitable element to contribute to our society.

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