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Published: 2021-07-31 23:50:08
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Cell phones nowadays have become symbol of independence – for our youth that mobile phone helps them to develop their own language and social groups away from the prying eyes of their parents. It has become Status Symbol or what people say Fashion statement – It is a way that people wear their phone in a style, color, cost and features and feel that a phone can enhance their looks. Although mobile phones have long been a part of the business community, they are quietly becoming entrenched in personal lives.
Cell phones play a crucial role in relationships among a group of young people, Mobile phones also influence the trend toward relaxing the traditional amount of contact permitted before marriage. Cell phone is also in the use of people who are working 24/7 environment and always remain on the go. It is privacy and not mobility that matters. Most youth have cell phone conversations in their bedroom. Lets have a look on few needs of new breed (Youth) that have been forcing them to get addicted to this cell phone night packages, the need to make their identity and to build “social and emotional ties”.
The shrinking size of present day families explain why the youth today feel the need to communicate with virtual brothers and sisters. Youngsters have been using cell phones to form friendships and social groups away from their families, feeling that these phones give them privacy that they would not otherwise have. As cell phone use becomes even more widespread, communication between parents and their kids may become even more impersonal. The saying “romance is in the air” appears to be true. In today’s world, it is mobile phones which are carrying the messages of love.

Youngsters are using mobile phones to maintain personal and romantic relationships. Grabbing our new generation, these free night packages services provided by our Cellular Companies have become a great pleasure/encouragement to people like who aren’t responsible at all, it seems they are announced to spoil the future of our youth, just give it a thought which kind a people avail these services and what they do? Whole night they spent in useless, ungraceful conversation it’s all beyond morals. The immature generation has become addicted to avail these kind a packages.
These kind portable platform providers are taking away our youth from family/Cultural/Traditional/Religious values, they don’t even care about their health though they know how these RF radiation would be harmful as for as continuous use is concerned. The Cellular Companies should make some standards so they can provide such services which can be of use to make the youths future bright and should consider the social impact before announcing any such service, they should offer some M-Learning (Mobile Learning) services they are behind the race of announcing free night packages, low rates for one special number.
No doubt most of the parents are equally responsible for this attitude in our new generation, in previous era what kind of environment we have had at homes —-sitting together in TV-Lounges , One time/place to sit and eat together no friends/outings in late night, but this fast life where people are to avail luxurious lifestyle parents themselves arrange separate rooms equipped with individual TV, personal Computer with high speed Internet connection and a latest model of any famous brand of Mobile handset though its of no use to them at around certain age , yup parents are equally responsible they should be responsible they should keep eye on their children’s activities, what kind a friends they are making how they are progressing academically how they are spending time.
The youth is less responsible than their parents is what I think, they are availing what they have in their access and they have no one over them to restrict or make them understand what is good to go for and what is wrong to avail. The generation gap between parents and children’s is not the main issue because its more than the gap, its about basics of raising good children. True that bad habits or friendships existed before this direct and private source of communication too but its all starts right from your basic education that our youth is getting at Home. So the message goes to parents: make your kids to avail good morals and talk to them on every matter to give them better understandings of what is right and what is wrong.

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