Child Victims of Domestic Violence

Published: 2021-07-31 05:15:08
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Family today are unfortunately less as a fundamental unit of a healthy society. " Almost all countries in the world are faced with the inability to determine the number of victims of kriminalitetot, and especially when such women. According to UN studies, women are the most frequent victims of sexual violence (50%) attacks of personality (10%) and other attacks on property (10%). For nasilonichkiot kriminalitet family largely lacks impartial witnesses of cases.
Efforts made this situation be resolved by reference to the assistance of the closest relatives and friends, and the reference to state institutions is much less common and more severe cases. Victims of such violence are the weakest members of the family. And while pedesttite and shesettite years that children were in the seventies women, but in the eighties were elderly. Nasilnichkite wrongdoing within the family are found very difficult and rare.
Conflicts rarely come to light because of fear of revenge nasilnikot, shame on the environment and the desire to maintain good idea for your own marriage, but economic dependence on her husband. Domestic violence is one of preovladuvachkite criminal behavior in more societies and brings razoruvachki implications for the primary victim, a woman, and in terms of the second victim children. In most countries worldwide domestic violence loan sizes to a problem of social character primareno.

Domestic violence as a problem affecting the economic and overall development of society and is the result of historical zasnovanata disadvantaged men and women in which it is located in the subordinate position to men. International law to protect children's rights Committee on Protection of Children is an independent body composed of experts who carry out monitoring of potisnichki Parties to the Convention on the proper application of the same, and its two Protocols - the articipation of children in armed conflicts and trafficking of children, child prostitution and pornography . Committee their reports to be summarized by the States Parties that have ratified the Convention and its Protocols. Taken by the UN Convention is a powerful tool for the state to protect the rights of children who have already declared as such. With the signature of this Convention, countries bound themselves to make available all the means at their disposal in the interests of children.
Basically "o" of the Convention is that all children have equal rights to exercise their needs, regardless of where in the world. International Association for the Prevention of abuse of children and their neglect (ISPCAN), announced its release of "World view on child abuse. This publication gives a full picture of statistics policy abuse separately in approximately 70 countries worldwide. According to statistics published study that 82% of respondents said that their countries have proјaveno significantly large number of cases in which child abuse occurs.
Most of the measures taken by countries to protect children from violence, provide for punitive action against those who abuse children and action to remove the child from the middle and family, which has been exposed to such activities unwashed. Despite the low level of qualifications of persons providing services for the protection of such victims, it is likely that countries will be forced to seek new ways and strategies to protect children from this type of crime, it is necessary to avoid consequences that remain with the child who was subjected to a similar event for a longer period.
Consequences for the child's personality Why do I say that violence has major implications for the further development of the overall personality of a child, studies show that most of the women's children had witnessed violence, making their mothers during the period when they are helpless children and could not understand kriminalitetot in action when their Michael is physically abused by their father or father, although the event of a child growing up in his subconscious with him over the years, its objective nedozvoluvaјќi to think and analyze the environment in which e lives. What is interesting in the course of events is that victims of such violence reported cases many years after having become or ceased to continue bullying on their body and psyche, but very rarely happens to explain why they waited much time to record such crimes. As one of the reasons is considered bespomoshnosta of children in these moments, and lack of support from another family member.
Often, over the development of children to identify with their parents and be able to adopt a model of behavior in their future family, which means the application of aggressive response to conflict situations. Such a view would mean that if the father was abusive, who abused her child, it is likely that child will become violent if faced with the same conditions in which he lived until he was small. When children in the middle of a people who carried out torture, it inevitably affects the child, even indirectly.
Comprehensive review of psiholoshkoto impact of violence against children and full guidelines for conducting assessment of children who have been subjected to violence can not be extended, but can summarize some brief points: First, when there is suspicion that a child has been subjected to violence or witnessed it, the person who will examine the child and must ensure that child to be surrounded by people who will provide security and protection. The physician should keep in mind that all children do not exhibit the same feelings in terms of what they have undergone, and any other traumatic experience.
The extent to which children are able to verbaliziraat thoughts and emotion depends on the age of the child and its development level. And the developing characteristics of society, family dynamics and cultural norms. Mnnogu is important if it is found that child sexual abuse to be examined by a specialist review, which will probably be traumalen child needs to be done by a physician experienced in interpretirtaњe conclusions is also important, the physician should know that the review can be a reminder of nasranot of the child, it is possible and expected child during the review to react spontaneously.
Adolescence is a turbulent period D, the effects of violence can cause profound changes SAI personality of adolescents, which will lead to antisotsiјalno behavior experts in this field argue that child during his life may have symptoms of redozhivuvaњe Event / e the past. Which may manifest as visual memories of the event - nightmares, social withdrawal, limiting afektot, changes in fear, uncertainty, self-esteem and confidence as the environment, sleep disorders, plashaњe to go to bed, fear of strangers .. . Conclusion
How that can be seen above that, research on child abuse are quite large and attention is made to analyze all types of child abuse and how to detect domestic violence, reasons induce the same as protecting children from those conditions that are forced to live. What unfortunately is not done, is full implementation of conventions and other instruments adopted by NGOs and other international bodies involved in combating this new type kriminalitet whose target groups are precisely those children who have yet to begin develop its entirety in the community.
Although there are still some differences in the implementation of child protection in the States, however, I must say that they take steps to eradicate conflicts that are born in the family. Again I say that it is a sensitive issue in terms of that family is a community in which its members are entitled to enjoy family life and discretion; exception to this law is state intervention in times when those same users abusing that right.
Despite differences in definitions of domestic violence as it includes child abuse in the same naјraznovidnata and methodology experts are used in collecting statistical data on children, but today the world is still a large number of children who are subjected to sexual violence within the family, but their case has not yet been discovered; sekoјdnevo media chiteme found for shocking events where children were zloupotrebuvani their parents, but for various reasons are unable to say.

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