Childhood is Not a Fixed Universal Experience

Published: 2021-07-14 12:05:05
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Childhood is seen as a societal concept by sociologists. and it is decidedly non a fixed cosmopolitan experience. This is due to many grounds but overall it is easy to see that non all kids get to see the same childhood and each experiences this phase of life for a different length of clip. Childhood differs in many ways. in different states. from the manner they act. and the manner they are treated.
One manner in which we can see that childhood is non a fixed cosmopolitan exerence is the obvious differences between a childhood in rural states and one in non-rural states. For illustration. in rural states. kids have more duty. Sociologists found that in states such as Bolivia one time kids are around the age of five old ages old they start to hold work duties both within the place. and the community. Another manner in which we can see that childhood is non cosmopolitan is through the presence of child poorness. Over 1/3 of the world’s kids suffer from absolute poorness. and over 1/3 of all kids in the universe have to populate in a home with more than five people in each room. and this the phase of life that should be considered childhood ends up holding none of the elements that society would associate to that word.
Even so. this all is hard to reason because childhood is a societal concept. meanng that it has no set definition and therefore chages over clip. Phillipe Aries ( 1962 ) argues that ‘childhood’ as we understand it today is a new innovation. For illustration. in the Pre-industrial times. kids were seen as small grownups. and they took portion in the same work and play activities as the grownups. They were seen as a unit of production and therefore they had less lesiure clip. Even so. that phase of their life was consdered as being childhood. demoing us that the definition has morphed over clip. Nowadays the reading of this would be really different.

Overall. there are two different attacks to childhood. These are the Conventional attack and the Alternative attack.

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