College Isn’t for Everyone

Published: 2021-08-14 17:55:07
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The words “You can’t”, have been apart of my mind set since day one. I was always told that it isn’t possible for me to be as smart as my sister, or on the same level of my brother who is special needs. I was always in the in between, but the main reason I am striving for success is because I know I can and even though at times I don’t think college is for me, I know I can achieve anything I set my mind to. In less than three years I will have a whole new life started for myself, all because I made it possible for myself to receive a college degree and start the perfect life full of success, money and happiness.
Throughout W. J Reeves “College Isn’t For Everyone”, he point outs many topics that I believe effects me personally but also my peers. Attendance, happens to be one of them. If you don’t give your classes the time needed, you begin to slack in every way possible. “After four years, the bad habits of not being on time and attending sporadically have become second nature. Such habits are unlikely to make for a very productive worker”.
In all honesty, this is one of the main things that I have problems with, because of health issues and the thirty minute drive to class sometimes I believe it isn’t worth it. But almost 99% of the time it is worth it, for all I know missing a class could end in my failing the class cause I missed certain notes or a quiz. With that in mind, referring back to “College Isn’t For Everyone” Reeves says “It is hard to be a productive worker if one appears occasionally, yet token appearances, sometime just cameos, are tolerated in college”.

I believe if I make the effort to not miss class then I’m not wasting my education or money, I’m making it possible for the life I want three years from now. Experiencing college so far at community college has been everything I expected but so much better. I take pride in telling others I am a college student, because it shows that I have the initiative to strive for higher education to become the woman I want to be and have the life I dream of. With having only a day or two to socialize and spend time with friends, school has been my main priority.
Which includes less time on my phone texting, or any social media sites. This relates back to Margaret Soltan’s essay “Better Living Through Consciousness: Why You Should Take Your College Education Seriously”, she discusses how technology should be limited to reduce distraction of students. She wrote “Students are gazing at all manner of stuff on their laptops (and in doing so distracting those students trying to pay attention to the front of the room); professors are staring down at their PowerPoint slides and reading the words on them aloud.
In some classrooms, professors report that groups of students are gathering in various corners to watch films together on someone’s screen while the professor attempts to lecture”. Many students use technology whether it’s a laptop, cell phone or IPad almost every class period you will find at least one student on a device. College depends on the amount of time and effort you put into it, I recently examined the amount of time I spend on work, school and the free time I do have.
According to my time blog, I spent 8 hours working, 12 hours studying or doing school related things, and my free time was limited to sleeping. In total I spent 20 hours out of those two days working, studying or sleeping. With that in mind, my determination to be as successful as possible shines through, even with some struggles along the way. I truly believe success comes from your desire to be successful. As long as your mind is right about the life and future you have planned out then that dream can come true with a few dozen essays, a few math tests, maybe some biology labs too.
But in today’s society a high school diploma can get you a job as good as a waitress at a restaurant, not a Oncology Nurse at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. The reason behind me attending college is because I want to have my dream job of being a nurse at night, a stay at home mom during the day and the money and happiness to have the lifestyle I had growing up. According to Margaret Soltan’s; Better Living Through Conciousness, “All brains eventually fade, but we shouldn’t, before our time, collude in that fading.
We should cultivate the highest forms of consciousness that we can, while we can (Soltan). To me, I believe that if I’m not giving something my all from the beginning then there is no point in my doing it. I believe by sitting in this classroom today, I am saying yes to my education and to my future. Also in one of W. J Reeves articles, he says, “that 70% of the workers in the coming decades will not need a four-year college degree, but, rather, an associate degree from a community college or some type of technical certificate (Reeves).
I have never been more shocked by a statement in my life, with this many people won’t have to say yes to their education for four years but two which might strike people to want to further there knowledge NEED HELP ON CONCLUSION! Works Cited Reeves, W. J. “ College Isn’t for Everyone. ” USA Today. CBS Interactive, 01 May 2003. Web. 29, Feb 2012. Soltan, Margaret. “Better Living through Consciousness: Why You Should Take Your College Education Seriously. ” Inside Higher Ed. (2008): Web. 29 Feb. 2012.

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