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Published: 2021-07-23 05:35:05
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Convictions 1 Convictions Ohio Christian University CM3000 – Christian Excellence Convictions 2 We all live our lives according to our set of personal convictions. Personal convictions are the blueprints that guide us down the path of life. We generally obtain our core convictions during childhood based on our culture, where we live and our religious beliefs. It is probably safe to say that no two people will have the exact same convictions because each of our experiences and backgrounds vary in some manner.
When thinking about convictions, I am reminded of the following scripture; “One man esteemeth one day above another: another esteemeth every day alike. Let every man be fully persuaded in his own mind” (Romans 14:5). Although the Bible does not specifically mention convictions, I am sure that Paul was talking about each person’s individual convictions. In the book Christian Excellence Alternative To Success written by Jon Johnston, he tells us that there are four pitfall concerning convictions that we have to be aware of: 1. Superstitious Convictions 2. Convictions that attract attention for selfish egos . Convictions generated by an unwillingness to change 4. Convictions that are negative Convictions 3 Convictions that are Superstitious As a professed Christian, I have often been guilty of looking at horoscopes and once for a lark, going to a psychic. However; even when I was indulging in each of these activities I felt a little squeamish. I was taught to believe that God alone knows our futures. By reading the horoscopes and going to the psychic, I was not being true to my religious convictions. As Christians, we have to be careful to stay away from anything that opposes biblical teaching.
When we indulge in something that is superstitious it advocates faith in something other than God, and it is a form of divination. We cannot determine God's will for our lives through horoscopes or psychics. As Christians, we are to read the Bible and pray to God in order to gain wisdom and guidance. Convictions that Attract attention for a selfish ego Matthew 6: 16-18 states, ““Whenever you fast, do not put on a gloomy face as the hypocrites do, for they neglect their appearance so that they will be noticed by men when they are fasting.

Truly I say to you, they have their reward in full. “But you, when you fast, anoint your head and wash your face so that your fasting will not be noticed by men, but by your Father who is in secret; and your Father who sees what is done in secret will reward you,” (King James). For me, this is the essence of not attracting attention for a selfish ego. Everything that we do should be for the Glory of God and not the approval of man. When we live by convictions based on what man thinks, we open our heart to sin, including the sin of egotism.
Lucifer, who was one on God’s most glorious creations, fell from grace due to his ego. Convictions 4 When we allow ourselves to be reeled in by our egos, we put ourselves in the “first place” that belongs only to God. In effect we are separating ourselves from depending on God. I have to be very careful of using the words I and me. I have overcome a lot of issues and now have a great life. However; I try and always remember to leave ego out and remember that it was by and thru the Grace of God. Convictions generated by Unwillingness to Change
In the textbook Christian Excellence Johnston says, “Today, some of us slide into a “conviction rut” in order to avoid facing change” (p. 132). My Father was 32 years older than my Mother. I was born when my father was 52 and my sister when he was 56. My Father was born in 1910 and had grown up thru the depression and under conditions that were vastly different from my sister and I. My Father had to make many changes in his thoughts, actions and attitudes to ensure that he was able to be the best Father in the world.
This included going places he was not used to and participating in activities foreign to him so that we could navigate a modern life. I am absolutely certain this was difficult for him, but because of the love he felt for us he was willing to change. Often when people are unable to accept change, they become isolated. I don’t think by making changes in our lives we have to go against God. Titus 3:5 states, “He saved us, not because of works done by us in righteousness, but according to his own mercy, by the washing of regeneration and renewal of the Holy Spirit,” (King James).
The scripture speaks of renewal and regeneration and they both require change. We have to be able to change our attitudes in order to ge Convictions 5 along with others. Johnston is not saying that we have to change our values, but we have to be willing to adapt ourselves to situations. In the textbook, he gave an example of how some were not willing to accept new medical advances. I am one who believes that God provides the knowledge available to Doctors to save lives. Accepting the benefits of medical technology is a form of being able to accept change.
The Jews wandered in the wilderness for 40 years because they were unable to accept change. They were unable to move beyond the life of slavery and cruel masters to the lives that God had ordained them. Their inability to accept change induced them to be grumblers and complainers. It literally isolated them from God. Convictions that are Negative In the course of life, I have heard dialogue from some Christians and thought to myself, “they do not inspire anyone to become a Christian. ” This was due to their negativity. It seemed as if everything was a sin.
They treated everyone else as a condemned sinner not worthy of God’s love. Alfred A. Montapert said, “Avoid destructive thinking. Improper negative thoughts sink people. A ship can sail around the world many, many times, but just let enough water get into the ship and it will sink. Just so with the human mind. Let enough negative thoughts or improper thoughts get into the human mind and the person sinks just like a ship” (worldofquotes. com). Jesus encountered many negative people even while he was attempting to save them from sin.
Even one of the men hanging on the cross with Jesus instead of asking for mercy, went to his death a pathetic and negative person. When we are negative, are hearts are heartened to good news. I think this is a sin. The Bible admonishes us to “In the same way, let your light shine Convictions 6 before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven,(Matthew 5:16). As Christians one of our primary roles is to lead others to Christ. When we are negative and sour faced we are unable to do that.
In closing, although we all do have different convictions, If we are Christian, we have a common denominator, Jesus Christ. I think we have to occasionally examine our convictions and determine if they are Christ like. We have to determine if we have wrapped ourselves in a self-righteous cloak of convictions that is more worldly than Godly. Convictions 7 References Johnston, J. (1996). Christian Excellence Alternative To Success. Second Edition. JKO Publishing. Franklin, Tn. World of Quotes. Retrieved March 2012. Alfred A. Montepert. http://www. worldofquotes. com/Negative:

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