Creating a Plan of Positive Influence

Published: 2021-08-04 15:40:07
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When creating a plan for positive influence leaderships must focus on an array of characteristics of the employee. Organizational culture is important to the success of the employees and the company. ABC Tax Preparation Company wants to engage its staff in creating new revenue streams for the company. The company must identify traits demonstrated by employees to help create a profile of how individuals are motivated and open to improving his or her performance in the workplace. Research has shown there are several methods to induce motivation, performance, and job satisfaction (Yukl, 2006).
This is a description on a plan identifying the implementation strategies to create, engage, and sustain employee in the workplace. The methods employers use to engage employees concentrate on attitudes, emotions, personalities, and values of individuals. In addition, the importance of diverse behavior and the influence it has on team collaboration and cohesion in the workplace is addressed. Objective ABC Tax Preparation Company is a small company attempting to expand its business through the implementation of new products and services.
The company has a very small budget so it is important to maximize efforts to stay within the specified budget. The objective is to create a plan to influence employees to generate ideas on how to growth the company with new products and services. ABC Tax Preparation believes by engaging all employees to get involved in the brainstorming process will help the company with its goals and stay within budget. Providing employees with incentives persuades employees to go above and beyond to differentiate performance levels from its competitors (Love 2 rewards,2013).

Outline of the Plan ABC Tax Preparation Company creates a profile of all employees to determine individual motivators, skills, creativity, strengths, and weaknesses. This is accomplished thought a series of test and skill determining exercises. First, the company implements motivational exercises and incentive to build moral within the company. Developing employee excitement to accept change and learning new task is a dynamic process important to moving a company in a positive direction.
The next phase is getting to know the employees by determining his or her stressors, stimulators, and how individual measure success (Bass, 1990). The individual’s attitude, beliefs, experiences, ethics, and values are evaluated to determine if he or she align with the company’s visions and goals. Once these factors are determined, the company trains employees on conflict resolution and problem-solving techniques to help in the education process. This type of training is important because knowing how to deal with problems helps individuals to learn to deal with situations and create alternative solutions to solve issues.
After employees are educated on techniques and other skills the company allows the creative process to occur and wait for the positive feedback. Once feedback is rendered the company will select the best ideas and start the implementation process to build new revenue streams for the company. How differences influence Behavior Diverse workforces interact with leaders, management, and subordinate in a distinctive way. Individuals coming from diverse backgrounds and cultures respond to direction and commands different from individuals in a familiar setting.
Behavior has a direct effect on the way people perceive things and how different personality traits play a role on the performance of the individual (Robbins & Judge, 2007). Understanding and recognizing the relationship between variables influences behavior and aids in creating productive and motivated employees. ABC Tax Preparation Company employs a multicultural staff therefore there are different languages, beliefs, customs, and ideas management must consider when make decision.
Leadership has to take into consideration when selecting holidays and other factors that all parties are represented equally. If employees do not feel, they are treated like the majority than the company is open for potential legal issues as a result. How plan influences positive change Motivation is a key component to creating an environment offering optimization of performance in the workplace. Change can be difficult for companies some employees embrace change and others fear change. Developing a plan to influences positive change requires understanding, educating, and motivating the employee.
Brainstorming allows the employees to highlight creativity, education, and other skill-sets that will develop growth for the individual. Encouraging employees to engage in business activities builds moral and creates a collaborative work environment. Productivity is generated when employees are working together to achieve the same goals and objectives. Setting examples to show employees everyone is important and involved in the developmentally stages of the process give team-members a sense of worth, thus producing positive results.
Making the employee understand the behavior presented determines the level of growth him or her may experience. Positive attitude can dive the individual faster than negative or unsure attitude. Conclusion ABC tax Preparation Company chooses to prioritize the engagement of its employees to aid in the implementation of a new revenue source for the company. Creating a plan to influence its employees to experience positive attitude toward changes is imperative to the process. A clear objective is outlined to determine what is needed to reach the goals of the company.
ABC Tax Preparation Company outlines the details of the plan as proves motivated employees are productive employees when leadership creates cohesion in the workplace. Diversity in the workplace influences behavior by allowing individuals to express themselves and collaborated among each other to create innovative products and services for the company. The Initiation of a plan produces positive results for the company by setting a blueprint of how the company will use new ideas to generate new revenue streams for the company.

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