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Published: 2021-07-17 16:45:06
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The launch of the Americana khakis for the young professional, in other to reconnect with the Identity of what GAP Inc. Comfortable, stylish, quality, strong American brand. Ill. Description of product or service. Gap Inc. And Its preppy khakis feel more comfortable, lightweight, wrinkle worry free, excellent fit, resistible, washes and finishes, with best quality fabric for an average rice point of $54. 5. They are durable and last longer, also with new shapes for every young men and women with family that has no time and would like a quality product. IV. Why are we trying to accomplish with this communications piece? To reconnect the customer with the brand identity and regain the that young old growing customer, offering khakis at affordable price, but also offering more stylish and exciting, relatively conservative, and functional khakis to use anytime. Let always to look in-style, casual at work, at home, and at play.
V. What Is the tonality of the ad? The tonality of the ad campaign with Khakis will be creative. Fun, excellent. Connecting with past. The aim is to bring back and keep our loyal customers with Khakis classical style. By remaking the old ads from the ass's, with famous music songs of today dancing, playing, and working with the Khakis. VI. Who/What is our competition? American Eagle Outfitters, J. Crew, Firebombed & Fitch, Express, Reportable, Banana Republic, Old Navy, H and J. C Penny VI'. Who Is the target consumer?
It is aim to young professional men and women ages 25 - 40 who have disposable 1 OFF commitment to brand loyalty and want to look good while keeping their purchases within their budget. They wear khakis to feel: comfortable and in style too. People wearing these khakis pants should feel natural, relaxed, and authentic. VIII. What is our single most persuasive idea? Khakis are classic, bringing back durable but also chic and fashionable every drawer and GAP Inc. , Go Khakis this season. The quality and services also important role in the brand. 'X.

Why should our target believe the promise? For years GAP Inc. Offers good quality, simple, classic yet comfortable American style with this we reinforce and reconnect with the consumer and American tradition of the Khakis. X. What is personality for this product or service? Preppy and young professionals X'. What is the medium? TV ads are important as well as Media use of Internet: Youth, and Social Media advertisement using the new Khakis style. Magazines that target more family, fashion and general interest magazines US Weekly, Marie Claire, GO, Parent. XII.
Approvals (Who is responsible for "signing off," for example: Brand Manager, Marketing Director, then UP Marketing, after shoot the CUP XIII. First, Second, Third, Fourth Round Creative Due Dates - September 1st - until April 1st May. Introduce in XIV. Budget (example: budget is $50,000, quantity 2500, distribution via hand and mail) Budget of $1 Distributed quantity - TV media $ 600. 00/1/ ad campaign new version with artist collaboration Taylor Swift and other American famous artist that connect with GAP style. Social Media ad, Youth $300. 00 Print in Magazines $100,000

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