Cultural Approach Towards Brandsing by Starbucks

Published: 2021-07-19 05:35:06
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Study of cultural approach taken by Starbucks to branding in global marketplace ABSTRACT: _The international marketing promises to solve managerial problems using technical and universalizing approach. Ethnocentric approach to branding is been adopted by the researchers. As the global market develops this seems to be problematic. Thus it is important that some key premises and foundation needs to be revised. The branding research needs to be historically and contextually grounded, polycentric in orientation, and acutely attuned to the symbolic significance of brands of all types. INTRODUCTION: Brands are going everywhere in the global popular market. The Nike tick mark, the Coco-Cola symbol or McDonald’s M triggers tens and hundreds of responses. Brands are becoming integral part of our culture thus there is a great need for international marketing scholars to change with the changing global market condition and also contribute to the public dissonance of branding practices. The theory and tools available are not sufficient to analyze the complexity of globalization and the brands role in it.
The international marketing still does not suggest the appropriate theoretical and methodological challenges brought by globalization, and also in branding. AIM: Study of cultural approach taken by Starbucks to branding in global marketplace. OBJECTIVE: Theoretical and methodological blueprint for studying the cultural role of Starbucks in global market. LITERATURE REVIEW: 1. A* Cultural Approach to Branding in the Global Marketplace*. Review: Related Questions: Premises: What cultural differences (national, regional) do branding strategies embed? How have different branding concepts and theories emerged and for what purposes?
Analytical approach: How do traditional brand landscapes affect globalized brands? How do brands at different geographical scales interact in market space? What kinds of mythic elements make for good brand stories? Can we predict the emergence of “antibrands” (e. g. , Mecca Cola, fair trade)? Units of analysis: How do brands globalize? To what degree do various brand architectures translate across cultures? Is it possible to develop an archive of commercially compelling narrative elements? Review: The Starbucks Brandscape and Consumers’ (Anti-corporate) Experiences of Globalization Review: Significance of Research:

Help Starbucks understand the cultural effect on globalization. Help Starbucks to adopt appropriate strategy depending on the cultural aspects and consumer behavior geographically. Data collection: Journals from Internet. Personal visit to Starbucks. Interview with the staff and manager of Starbucks. BIBLOGRAPHY: Burgess, Steven M. and Jan-Benedict E. M. Steenkamp (2006), “Marketing Renaissance: How Research in Emerging Consumer Markets Advances Marketing, 23 (4), 337–56. Aaker, Jennifer and Patti Williams (1998), “Empathy Versus Pride: The Research, 25 (December), 241–61.

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