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Published: 2021-08-08 12:10:07
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INDUSTRY PROFILE India is a land of spices where many varieties are grown in the different regions of the country. The people of the country are fond of spicy food so the spices are the most important ingredient in any Indian dish. The nation is not just the big producer and consumer of spices but also a major player in international market, exporting the surplus and importing the deficit. Spices play an important role in enhancing the flavor and taste of the processed foods. They are also used in the medicines because of their carminative, simulative and digestive properties.
India produces almost all the known spices and is the largest exporter of this commodity. Ground spices are extensively used in all types of curried dishes in India and abroad. Although spices are traded chiefly in an unprocessed form, a small yet significant quantity enters international trade as spice powders. Curry powder is the foremost of those blends or mixes and sometimes consists of 20 or more spices designed to add the characteristic flavor of an Indian curry, which is appreciated all over the world. Apart from the overseas market, processed curry powder is becoming popular in the domestic market also.
Hence the demand for unadulterated spices and curry powder in attractive handy packaging is fast emerging. FOOD INDUSTRY IN INDIA In India, agricultural and dairy sector have achieved remarkable successes over the last three and half decades. Besides being one of the world’s largest producers of food grains. India ranks second in the world in the production of fruits and vegetables and first in milk production providing much needed foods security to the nation. India is one of the world’s major food producers but accounts for less than 1. 5%of international food trade.

The value of the Indian food industry has increased from 3. 09 trillion in 1993-94 to Rs. 3. 99 trillion in 2000-01. The segment with largest growth potential have been identified as dairy, fruits and vegetables and poultry. Food marketing is a highly regulated industry. Regulation in food marketing attempted regulates competition and monopolistic condition facilitates trade, protect consumers and directly influence food price and faster economic and social progress. India produces variety of spice products. No country in the world produces as much kind of spices products as India producing.
The Indian spices and curry powder market plays an important role in the daily life of Indians. Now, curry powder industries have a prominent role in food product industry in India INDIAN SPICES India is the largest producers of spices in the world as the weather is apparently suitable for the cultivation of spices. Spices are cultivating in 28 states and 7 territorial provinces in India. As of now, India is producing around 2. 5 million tones of various spices valued approximately 3 billion US$ and holding a premier position in the world.
Moreover India is the major exporters of spices in the world under the auspicious of India government owned “Spices board of India”, which is the apex body for the export promotion of spices in India. This was established in 1987. The board plays a far reaching and influential role as a development, regulatory and promotional agency for Indian spices. In early days Indian people were stored the various kinds of spices such as chilly, turmeric, coriander and so on, for preparing the various dishes and gravies. These spices were separately and blending depends on the nature of dishes.
Spices used to flavor with the help of indigenous tools at home by women, as that was the custom during that period. In course of time situations are changed, people are forced to use electronic devices in order to reduce their domestic job. In turns, they used readymade curry powders at their home. Gradually they have fallen in to a habit of using instant curry powders from the open market. Taken stock of this situations several firms were came forward to launch curry powder industries. That is why curry powder industries were emerging immensely all over the country.
As of now curry powder industries have a prominent role in Food industry in India. CURRY POWDER The name Curry powder today is synonymous with the Indian food. The word curry is believed to be delivered from the South Indian Tamil World ‘Karhi’. During the British Raj in India, “curry” evolved as the world described Indian food cooked in this spices sauce. Over the years, the foreigners, especially British who leaved or visited India . Slowly started to introduce the curry to outside the world. The good commercial curry powder was hard to find during the early days.
People had to make curry powder from scratch if they wanted quality. However, now many good curry powders are easily found in India as well as western super markets. Curry powder is blend or mixture of the different spices, which defers according to geographic regions or personal preference. CURRY POWDER INDUSTRY In the scenario, economy exhibits high line of consumerism. The curry powder industry has witnessed the entry of many companies in the Indian market by pumping huge amount of capital in order to capture the market share.
However many domestic companies have emerged with various attraction products with a view to overcome the country wide companies and capturing a large number of customers. On our observation most of the companies are performing satisfactorily for a particular brand to move fast in the market it has to meet the 4 A’s. That is the market customers should be aware of it, should be an acceptable, available and affordable. Obviously, the manufactures should understand the need and wants of the customer and provides total satisfaction in order to succeed in the business world. Curry powder is a well known name among the Indian people.
It is the combination of finely powdered spices. For each dish there are different curry powder spices. For each dish there are different curry powders but the ingredients are more or less the same. Now a day’s most of the housewives are using this ready-made curry powder and so the quantity required is increasing day by day. So this is an industry by which a new entrepreneur can start without second though. But the manufacturers should give attention for capturing the market. Now days not only the urban people but villages also have a craze for these ready-made curry powders.
There is a good market for curry powder in India and abroad. The major players in the curry powder in India are; Eastern, Melam, Mangala, Saras, etc. As Kerala’s largest producer of condiments, "Eastern Condiments (P) Ltd” has helped to keep the famous spice route alive. With an experience of over 30 years in producing spices, they have provided their consumers with consistently high quality powders and blends “Melam” the word means a multiple of musical instruments in harmony creating a fast of exotic and exquisite music. M. V. J. Foods (India) (P) Ltd.
Cochin brings out a variety curry powder and spice powder under the brand name Melam. The melam range is vast and includes a great variety of perception. “devon, THE SPICE of life” deven foods gives a wide range of aromatic spice powders and curry powders for all culinary needs. They use only best quality spices and process them in appropriate condition. “Sara spice” is the condiment producing unit of the Anna group. Company is involved in the production and exports of Indian spices. Like curry powder, Masala powder, Indian whole spices since the past two decades. CURRY POWDER MARKET
Although Indian spices have been in the world market for several centuries, the curry powder business, particularly curry masala (blender, spices) has not been exploited by the Indian entrepreneurs to a significant extent. Export of this product has not registered any significant growth producers in un organized sector have dominated the domestic market, for curry powder and curry masala . Obviously the curry powder growth industries brand promotion continues to be significant till recently. However, few manufacturers from the organized sector have been promoting branded products in Kerala market recently.
Competition has turned to be aggressive with the stagnation in the international market. Producing of curry powder and curry masala are involving in marketing strategies to ensure significant market shares although in specific segment DOMESTIC MARKET The India market for curry powder is estimated at Rs. 500 Cr. This is account for 25% of world consumption of curry powders. The curry powder market is estimated to be around Rs. 150Cr, with approximate 35% of market in south India. The curry powder market in Kerala is estimated at Rs 70 Cr. The market can be categorized in to 3 groups. * The premium segment The medium segment * Un organized sector In the previous segment the major brands in the market are Everest, Melam Saras and MDH . the study done by various authorities revels that moast popular Brand in the premium segment is Everest with 30% market share . Melam had 50% market share, while other brads had a negligible share in the premium segment. However, the premium makes up only 30% of the total market of curry powder in Kerala. The medium segment consist 50% of total curry powder market, Easter is the market leader in the segment. The unorganized segment consists of 20% of the total curry powder market.
INTERNATIONAL MARKET Exports of spices from India usually take place in bulk form. The export of value added products are few, as none competitive prices cannot survive in the International market. Curry powder is value added spice product. the world consumption of curry powder is estimated to be 20000 metric tons in 2004, 2005. Exports of curry powder from Indian keep fluctuating between 2500 to 3500 metric tons . An analysis of annual exports of curry powders from India reveals that the exports do not show much variation . in total value terms the figures have been increasing over the years .
In Indian curry powder industries, there was a few curry powder industries were existed of the beginning of which the following firms were the main producers. * MDH * EVEREST In Kerala the following a few companies were existed in producing curry powders in early stages viz. * Techno curry powder * Ambika curry powder * Rani curry powder The following are the some of the manufacturers and exporters of curry powders in India. * Asha impex (P) Ltd * Alvel sales * Amas spices * Anand Exportes * Anil grover &co * Aries Exports * B. M entrprices * Brahmins food products * C. B. R masala

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