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Published: 2021-08-02 17:50:08
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MySpace projects an idea to its global community to experience the Internet through a social lens by integrating individual’s personal profiles, photo sharing, professional and entertainment videos, blogs, instant messaging, as well as one of the largest music community. MySpace. com has been one of the fastest growing sites on the Internet with 65 million subscribers and 260,000 new users registering each day. Yet with their unexpected growth along came the growth of other popular social networking sites such “Face book” and few other competitors which seemed to have gained ground, do to "MySpace" criticized performance.
In its initial phases, MySpace operated with two Web servers communicating with one database server and a Microsoft SQL Server database. The site continued adding Web servers to handle increased user requests and demands, once the number of accounts exceeded 500,000 the site added more SQL Server databases; one served as a master database, and the others focused on retrieving data for user’s page requests. After two million accounts were activated, MySpace switched to a vertical partitioning model in which separate databases supported distinct functions of the Web site, such as the log-in screen, user profiles, and blogs.
Yet at some point the separated functions will still share data which will create another problem to their list! After three million accounts were reached, rather than investing in more sophisticated types of servers that could eventually solve their problems, the site scaled out by adding many cheaper servers to share the database workload which became just another shortcut option and not a long term solution for the company.

How did they solve their data problems? The Company eventually switched to a virtualized storage architecture in which databases write data into any available disk, therefore eliminating he possibility of an application’s dedicated disk becoming overloaded. MySpace later installed a layer of servers between the database servers and the Web servers to store and serve copies of frequently accessed data objects so that the site’s Web servers wouldn’t have to query the database servers with lookups as frequently. Unfortunately, MySpace still overloads more frequently than other major Web sites. With a log-in error rate of (20 to 40%) on some days, the site is not effectively organizing or storing data at all, reason for which the site may have been losing subscribers.
After the review of this case study, we can see the Importance of Database Technology and the Impact Data Quality provides to Websites and Social network sites and it can be determined that their existence depend on it.. (Information based on, MySpace Case study and www. forbes. com)
What management, organization, and technology issues had to be addressed? Some of the problems MySpace has encountered are the inadequate storage space on their database servers, slow access or no access through its log-in application, and the users’ inabilities to access data when requested.
Over the years, MySpace has attempted to fix these problems by adding more Web/Database servers. Yet the main problem seems to be, adding the servers without restructuring the entire system in order to use their hardware and software more effectively. Another major problem “The MySpace Organization” has faced it’s been their management and personnel, It’s well known that they’ve had too many changes in personnel they were constantly hiring NET developers and losing them just as fast, which can create a definite unbalance for the company.
In Jan, 2011 they announced a staff reduction by 47%. On the other hand they have dealt with numerous changes in management as well; many of the important people who helped create “The MySpace empire” are now gone. Few to mention are, former President “Tom Anderson who stepped down” while CEO “Chris DeWolfe was replaced” by former Facebook COO “Owen Van Natta”. The company’s most recent plan is to reinvigorate itself in the (social networking space) by going back to what made them popular in the first place “entertainment”. ith hopes that a new focus on the entertainment media including television, movies, & music will help in making the social networking site reclaim its place on the web. Despite efforts of redesigning the site their users have decreased, as well as their popularity. In November 2010, the company fully integrated with Facebook Connect calling it "Mash Up with Facebook" in an announcement widely seen, which in reality I believe is just the way of acknowledging Facebook is their # 1 competitor and is currently dominating the social networking industry.
In my Opinion their main weakness was with strategy implementation, they concentrated in what came up day to day, like the additions of servers to support their users demand but they never really focused on priorities such as a solution to their Technical problems and the whole structural change it required. As time progresses business competitors will copy your product or service and a lot of times they won’t just copy, they’ll Innovate and overpass the quality of what’s already available therefore taking the place of # 1 and not a competitor.

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