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Published: 2021-07-17 10:45:06
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Is the first person involved in the planning stage of a building industry. He should be an artist, a technician and moreover a businessman. He has to satisfy the client, engineer, contractor and ultimately user. The architect after having obtained the instruction from the owner, design the function layout and provision of functional accommodation. He has to make structure beautiful and functional. He should give aesthetic effect to the structure. He is supposed to have knowledge of building bye- laws and regulations.
During construction, he supervises the work as an agent to the owner, negotiates with client, Prepares drawings and specifications, Obtains planning permission, Prepares legal documents, Chooses building materials, Plans the construction process, Advises on the selection of, and will liaise with the construction am, and Inspects work. Selection of the architect for a development is obviously a critical step. Attention systems, the choice will be based on a combination of considerations, including competence and reputation, compatibility of values and goals between developer and architect, and ability of the two to communicate effectively.
Since there is, in principle, inherent tension between the design function (I. E aesthetically oriented) and the developer (I. E cost and time oriented) communication of views and priorities are vital for a successful outcome. THE LAND PLANNER For land developments the developer (client) gives key design role to a land planner. In large projects involving multiple structures, extensive ground parking areas and drainage and water retention systems, the developer will rely on a land planner to solve the complex land planning puzzle.

The developer work closely with the land planner to evolve the basic site plan within which any structures must fit. He uses input from specialist like the hydrologist, architect, marketing consultant, engineers, soil engineer, and others. The major concern of the land planner includes aesthetics, optimal use, and preservation of the site, traffic flows, utility systems, and drainage system. He also carries out an environmental impact assessment of the project and environment then it will be discarded.
The expertise of several types' engineers must be coordinated by the architect in bringing together the final structure design. These engineers commonly work as subordinator to the architect, but their qualification need to be reviewed by the developer. The Soil Engineer: He determines the sufficient specifications to achieve safety and stability, for the structure foundation. He also test the soil for stability, strength, stress, strain and specify the kind of foundation that will be suitable for the building/ structure (pile, raft, pad, etc. ).
The Structural Engineer; Calculate the loading and moments for a structure, Design the form for a structure, determine the most appropriate materials. Determine the requisite structural skeleton to maintain the building/ structure's integrity. He also considers the numbers of beam, column that will withstand the tensional load, and give specification of the types of materials that will sustain the building life p. The Mechanical Engineer; provide pacifications and design for the heating, Ventilation, and air conditioning system and other building systems.

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