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Published: 2021-07-16 06:20:06
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Marks, Manna, Jamming Kola Kathy, Oakum, Googolplex aka Pain, Mil aka Amman and Clearer, was launched last year with the theme of home made Indian healthy drinks/ Hector Beverages Pet. Ltd. , is a disruptive entrant to the industry with the aim to change this. Priced at RSI 30 for a mall pack, thanks to its innovative packaging and low overheads, the drink is trying to create a space for itself with the customers of different category. As of now, Distribution channel for selling paperboard is direct sales in MAT market and Distributor model in GET market. So, there is no particular distribution channel for Samos. The broad objective of the Short term project Hector Beverages Pet. Ltd. Is to suggest different segments of retail stores where paper boat's presence can be created to increase its sales.
The major objectives of this project were 1) As a new beverage company known for wide product portfolio Hector gave the task of Segmentation of retail channels in the Oneida region of NCR and developing a go-to market strategy for increasing penetration in this area. 2) Developing database of different stand-alone modern trade stores , traditional read stores and other outlets in Oneida 3) Analyses of various areas of Oneida and its stores 4) During the course of the project covered 80+ outlets in Oneida and recommended 30 outlets along with appropriate the sales promotions strategy. For this we started with the process of segmentation of the stores on the basis of various parameters.
The first one being the target group , and we defined the target group based in the interviews we had with the retailers and customers in the Oneida region. Target group : Based on our interviews with the retailers in Oneida region we cached a basic sketch of the typical customers of paper boat in this region. Age: 17 College goers and first Jobbers , people who like to try new beverages and flavors. These people are more health conscious than soda guzzling consumers. One reason is the fact that they are out everyday and mostly consume at least one beverage outside the house, either with a meal or Just hanging out with friends over conversation. Hence, these people also look for variety as they are tired of having the same flavors overtime.

The most preferred flavors that unanimously all retailers aid sold the most were Am Rasa , Am pain and Clearer. Segmentation : on the basis of presence of target Audience in the vicinity. 1) Perfect Fit - Places where the entire customer base fits into the target group of paper boat. These places have a lot of potential to help increase sales tremendously. College canteens - ASS College , Jayvee college , ABBES college Amity Office cafeterias - -arcs , park , Barclay These stores are visited daily by the same customers and the frequency with which these customers buy beverages is very high, almost one everyday. Hence , these are he best places to reach to our target group.
Not only should these places be tapped and paper boat's presence should be made paper boat can be placed and since the customers visit everyday they are likely to try new flavors and get hooked to them ultimately. Sales in these places will ultimately results into popularizing the flavors through word of mouth and customers will start eventually buying paper boar not Just for themselves but to take back home , for family and friends. 2) Almost there - Places where at least 70 percent of the customer base fits into the target group. These are places not inside the institutes and offices but around them. The retail store that most of the college shops from outside , the street snack store that every one goes to once in a while.
This would include at least 40 street vendors outside offices park , Barclay in areas like sec 62, 63,58 . 3) Will get there - Places where at least 50% of the customer base fits into the target group. These include both retail stores and eateries . Eateries and coffee shops like those in Oneida , Apparatus and sec 25 which offer a wide variety of food and and the customers usually like it to be accompanied with a average. Matthias shops which serve light snacks like Samos and other Indian variants of it , also fall in the same category. So do the bakeries . All these places , along with the food do sell some beverages and their sales are huge. Paper boat should benefit highly from being present in these places.
Another category here are the retails stores in the areas which are frequented by our target group like the ones in B block market of sector 62 , TOT mall , Sector 25 market. Also kiosks on the metro stations - cafe buddy come under the same category. 4) Get in the house This refers to the Modern trade stores. This is not for our target group specifically , this is the route to get into customers home and achieve a status of being on the shopper's list. Big bazaar in sec 18 , Spencer and easy day would all fall in this category. Segmentation : on the basis of sales This will help us Judge the potential a particular place/segment has to increase the sales of paperboard. To get the Judgment right we have categorized stores into three stores.
To understand the potential that the store might have paperboard we have marked the stores on the basis if the sales of coco cola since that is one beverage each one of Hess stores stocked and no other beverage was uniformly present in all the stores. Total coco cola sales will help us understand the amount of sales that can be generated for a beverage in these stores and paper boor needs presence in these stores to take a share of those sales . On these basis we have distributed the stores in to three categories 1) High 2) Medium 3) Low The names are self explanatory and depend entirely on the sales volume of coca cola from these stores. All stores are marked on the high medium low scales in the excel , so please refer to the excel to get a better understanding of the individual store status.

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