How Have Your Eating Habits Changed Since You Joined College?

Published: 2021-08-09 18:45:06
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Virginia Mwangi Name of institution Subject name September 24, 2011 Eating habits In a nutshell, I can describe the change in my eating habits since I joined college as transference from one distinct end of a continuum to the other. This is because they changed from healthy to unhealthy, regular to irregular and from eating in plentitude to small meals. The paucity of my pocket was partially responsible for the shift from plenty to minimal.
With the little allowances my mom gave me for upkeep, no one was more adroit at achieving the intricate balance between my need to be stylish and food. Consequently, my meals were reduced to what may be considered by many as mere snacks. In essence therefore, the pounds I lost from eating less were compensated for adequately by my cheap but trendy dressing. On the other hand, it never really occurred to me that my college eating habits were a far cry from being healthy.
The fact that mine were not exactly exceptional from those of the rest of the students contributed significantly to this. In addition, although we as students had a wealth of information on appropriate diets, we simply did not have a variety of nutrient packed food in our environment to choose from. Moreover, the readily available sumptuous fries retailed at student sensitive prices provided us with the impetus to eat unhealthy. The irregularity of my meals was not of my own making but was due to my hectic course schedule. Prior to joining college, I adhered to my meal times to the clock.

However, this proved a daunting task in college since the time schedules did not strictly observe meal times. In particular, my tutorial schedule had the tenacity of coinciding with regular eating times. In conclusion, reflecting back on how my eating habits changed since I joined college makes my heart pause. In particular, the irregularity and paucity that came to characterize my meals was simply incredulous. The concept of eating healthy also seems to have been conspicuously absent as far as my eating habits in college were concerned.

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