J.Co Donuts and Coffee Distribution Case Study

Published: 2021-07-18 03:25:07
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After 5 years of continued operation, CO enters the Philippine market and opened Its first branch In SMS Magical. The said company Is owned and managed by Johnny Andrea Group. IV. Statement of the Problem The main problem of J. CO Donuts and Coffee is the consistent long line when ordering prevents the customers from buying. It makes the customers passed off because they are wasting their time and effort falling in a long line. This problem can cause people's dissatisfaction about the product as well as to the store.
If not solved s soon as possible, people, as well as the loyal customers, may get tired of the products offered by the company. V. Area of Consideration O. Co Donuts & coffee SOOT Analysis) Strengths J. CO Donuts and Coffee are very famous because of their deferent varieties of delicious doughnuts; J. CO prides itself for creating a life cafe© concept that is vibrant and energetic; stylish yet Interactive and customer-friendly; Also for using only premium ingredients in its signature range of coffee and chocolate beverages and donuts which appeal to even the most discerning customers.
Weaknesses You have to fall in a long line if you want to buy their products; Lack of promotion and activity to develop more loyalty customers; J. CO's Beverages are not preferable because Its size Is smaller compared to other competitors. J. CO Doughnuts are healthier compared to other donuts offered by the competitors. J. CO Doughnuts are more preferable because of its balanced sweetness. When it comes to prices, J. CO Donuts and Coffee has lower prices compared to Crispy Creme.

Threats People may get tired of the products if the problems are not solved as soon as Seibel; Loyalty of the customers to the store will start to deteriorate if they're not receiving any fast service, as said people can get tired. VI. Alternative Courses of Action Implement online ordering; online delivery and put up Drive Thrush; As a customer it will be fast and easy for me to buy the product. Implement an order form; It is such a hassle to a customer to make Just "tour-tour" on what they are going to buy. Continue to build expansions.
More branches, more satisfied customers, as well as it can contribute to the advertising of the store. VI'. Recommendation and Conclusion The best solution to the long line in the store is to implement online ordering. With the technology nowadays, it will be more of convenience to the customer if they could just click their order and the boom! There goes their order. It will be fast and easy. Eating those cute doughnuts will not be that time consuming. Therefore, it will make the customers happy. Also, it will keep the loyal customer to be satisfied with the product as well as to the service.

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