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Published: 2021-07-15 17:05:06
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I was appalled when I saw the first set of graphs conducted on the 600 employees, ND that the balance between life and work was so low on the list. Honestly, now that I have a child at home, I chose that as one of my top 5, but If you would have asked me two years ago I probably wouldn't have put that as an important aspect. I obviously chose Job security because no matter what, I want to know that I am Important to the company and that they need me to be there in order for everything to run smoothly, which In turn will almost guarantee that I will always have an available position within that company.
The second most important Job aspect to me is the availability for career advancement. I am the type of person that always wants to better herself and to climb right up that corporate ladder. I don't ever want to settle with a position when I know that there is one higher and within my reach and ability if I were to try hard enough, and to complete the tasks necessary to gain that position. So if a company does not have the opportunity for advancement, then it is not the right place for me, and I probably wouldn't even consider working there.
Pay is obviously important because it is what make after working hard all day long for the company. It Is also what helps to support my family. As we've all heard "money makes the world go 'round". I want to be rewarded for my accomplishments and to know that I am Important by the amount of money I make. The way I see It, the better I am at my job and the harder I work, the more money I make the company, so, why shouldn't I be rewarded for that? The fourth most important aspect to me is benefits.

This also would not have been Important before I had a family. As a high school or even young college student, you don't think "l want to get great benefits when I graduate". I honestly didn't even know what the word meant until I moved out of my parents house and got a Job on my own. Now that I have a family though, the benefits are most definitely an Important aspect of any Job. After reviewing the chart by the SHIRR my results are much more Like theirs than on the website. My numbers 1, 3, 4, and 5 are all located within the top 5 on their chart.
My number 2, Career Advancement was not located anywhere on the top of can't, out actually second to last. I Nils contuses me, Decease tenet under two Is compensation and pay, but in order to make more money, you must advance your career. The farther up the corporate ladder you are, the more money you are likely to make. I guess when taking part in the survey people were not thinking about advancing their careers to make more money, but maybe were happy with where they were within their business. It is most definitely possible to get a raise in pay without changing positions and advancing.
Everyone has different ways of thinking and maybe other people are not like me. Maybe they do not like change and want to be within the same position for as long as that position is available to them. There is no wrong or right when it comes to people's opinions. I was glad to see that more people polled for Flexibility to balance life and work issues as I believe this is important to anyone who has a family or wishes to have one. I would say that between all three charts Compensation and Benefits have topped them, which proves the saying "Money Talks".

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