What kind of relationship does God want with us

Published: 2021-07-30 04:30:07
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There is a great story behind creation which made man wonder who the superior being is, and from scratch it eventually evolves to a deeper relationship of mankind with God. There are series of stages wherein the people began to be aware of God’s existence and atheism or paganism gradually lost its concept because they become attractive to the doctrines of the church leaders which merely addressed human needs superior than their foe. A religious movement was started in first century by Judaism before they had favored the religion of the Roman Empire. 000 years ago in Judea, Christianity started with Jesus Christ, a Jew, together with His disciples who are faithful to him (Pierrakos, 1996). By that time, Jews hated Roman rule as it was governed by the Emperor of Rome and their beliefs are pagan and it is disturbing to Jewish life. The Jews studied the Jewish law and wait for the eventual coming of their promised Messiah and so the ministry of Jesus began. Jesus’ disciples were taught the "new covenant" wherein God will bring to humanity through Him.
Mankind lost its relationship with God because of sins which is why, the new covenant comes to purpose that those who accept it will have a renewed fellowship of forgiveness and love with God. This covenant happened when Jesus died on the cross to pay for the sins of all humanity. Three days later rose again to become their Messiah. Since His disciples began to proclaim this gospel of hope, the Church has then been built, and the Christian faith has since spread to the world.
When we take a glimpse of it, we can see that the history Christianity's origin seems improbable for people living in the 21st century to consider such events in reality took place. On the other hand, the Christian faith has been a key importance to mankind. So when the church stood up and was established, sermons had been preached by the priest where the first Roman Catholicism emerges. There has been a promise of salvation so the people started to attend the mass every Sunday and asked God for blessings and grace.

Man found himself in the likeness of God. God also gave us freewill and we have the power to choose whether we want to believe him or not. What is good about God is that there are people who believe in him because he has many faces. And with this, no two people believe in exactly the same God. Every person has his or hers own individual image of God, thus, different religions arises like Protestants, Catholic, Orthodox and the like.
From then on, man’s relationship to god becomes intimate and it is usually done through prayers. God as what people believes to be the creator of everything, has been the ultimate source of everything and since he sent his son, Jesus, people have faith that they will be saved when the judgment day comes. It is by faith that we can recognize and believe the death of Christ as payment for our sins.
We can feel that is only by faith that we had a relationship with God; however, it will also show us that faith in God seems to deepen by showing our desire to follow His will, and try to follow the life that Christ lived while He was on earth. The development of mans relationship with God has been started several decades ago and now, we are enlighten that we should be in union with Him if we want to be saved. Numerous messengers from heaven tried to teach the world how to serve God.
Relationship becomes deeper when there is a give and take bond and so, we should abide by the rules that He has given us. This relationship with Him tends to be a give and take since man received blessing from God ,hence, man should serve God not only by going to His house and praise Him or pray for selfish favors, but by doing good to our friends, neighbors, relatives and even enemies. What unites man with God is love and it allows man to find peace and harmony with every creation which was wholly developed that allows one to reach the union with God.

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