Knowing About Past Cannot Help People Make Important Decisions Today

Published: 2021-08-06 01:35:07
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In this burgeoning and intricate society, There has sprung up to a heated debate on technology, what is the primary goal of technological development. One of the typical view is that the advancement of technology is to increase people’s efficiency so that everyone can has more leisure time. However, it is just part function of technological development, even false to some degree. Undeniably, in the modern society, the advancement of technology indeed provides us with a lot of new facilities and recreational places.
We are living a society surrounded by televisions, Internet, theme park. No matter where we want to travel we can go much quickly than ever. However, there are some phenomena really different what we imagined. The work hours every week has been increased even a great number of people are supposed to work additionally and work on weekends. The holiday we can have seems so short for us, and we usually waste a lot of time on transportations on the holidays. More and more people prefer sleep on weekend, because they are so tired after long time of working.
What is more our efficiency is indeed increased. We can use internet to deal with our business and the money changing in the society is much more frequency; the products a company is much faster. When I was a child, I had to looking for a lot of books before I could find out the answer I need to solve my qualm. But now the answer can be printed on the screen, if you google it. But it is not the real goal of the efficiency. First the goal of technology is provide us a comfortable life, so that there will be no starvation and live longer.

On the agriculture, more and more information on climate is provide and more corps are hybridized with a good quality, and we do not be hungry. On the medicine, the invention of new drugs can help us cure more tough illness. The second goal of technology development is seeking answer on what we do not know and improve our ability to deal with problem. The development of mathematic makes us more logical we think about questions. The development of physic provides us a clearer picture of the cosmic.
The final goal of technology is pushing the society forward. The development of machine saves us a lot of labor. The development of space exploring provides a kind of ability on new planet and new materials. In sum, the advance of technology is not simply increases our efficiency, but a kind of progress of human. The goal of technology is not give us more time on the computer games and waste our time on the Internet chatting. Technology is our tool like a sword for a knight to fight against a intricate problem on our way to paradise.

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