Lifestyle Choices and Our Health

Published: 2021-08-06 16:25:08
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As days go by, almost everyone living today gets involved in activities that make us either healthy or unhealthy. Continuing to engage in some habits day in and day out can take a substantial amount of time off of one’s life. Some of these habits can have a positive impact on one’s health system, being it physical or mental, while others can affect one’s health system negatively. In this paper, I will be writing on how our daily habits can affect our mental and physical health negatively.
First of all, mechanization and heavy dependence on technology is one of the common ways, probably for all humans, which has a negative effect on the human health system. We rarely give a second thought when we turn on a microwave or turn on the television as we sit down for dinner. These common practices are commonly seen in most families. If I may ask, is it a good practice? I asked one of my instructors at school who made it clear to me that, these families don’t just consume electricity, but also have many adverse effects on their physical and mental health.
If you find yourself eating and watching television at the same time, the rate at which you consume is greater which at some point in time becomes very difficult to go to bed at night. And as many of us know, improper sleeping habits cause results in many of our health problems. Secondly, failure to exercise is also another problem many of us face today. Physical activities are absolutely necessary to our overall health. And because our physical and mental health is so interconnected, they affect one another directly.

When our physical health deteriorates, our mental health does the same. Our mood and our brain’s mental capabilities are therefore affected by lack of exercise. Regular exercising which helps to maintain and build muscles, and also fight against diseases is very necessary for every human and should be practiced continuously. Thirdly, smoking has also been known to be one of the dangers which affect the human health negatively. Very few people are unaware of the dangers of smoking. Yet surprisingly, many are engaged in this deadly habit.
Infertility, low birth weight, sudden infant birth and many more, are some examples of the negative effects that one is likely to contact if he or she has a habit of smoking. Those who quit smoking see changes almost immediately and it also helps them live longer. In conclusion, many of our daily activities can cause our death prematurely. Many of those who don’t die prematurely have a very bad health system which makes them almost uncomfortable every day. I therefore advise everyone to get involved in activities that help to improve one’s physical and mental abilities positively.

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