Long Beach City Mayor

Published: 2021-08-18 12:10:06
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Being a mayor of my city, Long Beach, CA, and having some money left after making planned budget expenses, I would primarily think about the opportunities to invest it into a project, which would bring some income into municipal budget in the future. Long Beach is a known tourist attraction, which every year welcomes thousands of tourists and has highly developed infrastructure for entertainment and leisure. That is why my idea can be the following.
I would find a strong financial partner or partners (not more than 2-3) and offer them to build something like a recreation center. We would find some territory, preferably close to the seashore, construct a small 1-2 stored building and open a spa for offering such services as massage, various cosmetic procedures, fitness services, including facilities for physical training, like gym and swimming pool, and so on. It would be a cozy fitness center, which will definitely find its market in Long Beach due to such competitive powers as affordable prices, advantageous location, various high-quality services and stable reputation.
There are several important reasons why I would choose such way of investing 1 million dollars from municipal budget. First of all, such a center would be a new place for our citizens and, especially, for numerous guests of our city to recreate, become fit and beautiful. Besides, it would have a great social significance for our community, because a lot of new workplaces would be opened for people of Long Beach.

Also, as it was mentioned before, certain part of income from this enterprise will constantly flow into municipal budget, giving me (as a mayor) opportunity to spend more money for urgent needs of the city. Finally, it is also important that recreation center is a very prospective project, which can be transformed in the future into a large community center.
Certainly, in that situation, as a potential investor, I will not be concentrated only on this very idea. I will remain absolutely opened for other interesting investment projects, and if someone offers me another profitable and secure business proposal, I would gladly support it and give the money for its implementation. The main criteria are to receive permanent income into city’s budget and to initiate a project with high social significance, which would contribute into positive reaction of local community on this idea and strengthen reputation of city’s authorities.

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