Media and A Doll’s House

Published: 2021-08-16 01:45:07
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Nora and Media are very different and also similar. Both Nora and Media are in powerless marriages. They both end up with the power at the end of the play. Nora leaves her husband but Jason leaves Media. Media handles this situation differently than Nora. Media uses that fact that she is a woman and her weakness to her advantage. Media is much more manipulative than Nora; however Nora lies so more than Media. Nora must be a different person around Torvald. Mrs. Linde, Dr. Rank and Krogstad are the only people that she can be the person who she really is. Media also had to pretend who she really was.
Media pretends that she doesn’t have magic and that she is Greek until she acts out her revenge. Media has magical powers and Nora is an average middle class wife. Although they both are mothers, Nora loves her children more than Media loves her children. Nora loves her children so much that she would die for them. She is concerned about how her choices and how they will affect her children. Media cares more about her revenge on Jason than her children, which is why she killed them at the end of the play. Nora is looking for sympathy, but when Media gets sympathy she yells and says that it makes her sick.
The titles of the plays have different meanings as well. The title of “A Doll’s House” represents a theme throughout the play and is important in the last scene of the play. The title “Media” is like most romantics where the main character is the title of the play. The play “Media” was radical just like “A Doll’s House”. Both plays said things that the audience would be offended by. In media it was that she was a foreigner who manipulated their king and killed him. In “A Doll’s House” it shows the life of an average middle class family and it uses language that was not used in plays.

The writing in the two plays is different. “Media” is like an epic; it talks about far off lands, there are long monologues, magic, and the language is poetic. “A Doll’s House” is a realistic play. The situations are real and they happen to real people. Also the characters are real. The language is different too. In “A Doll’s House” the characters speak in sentence fragments and incomplete sentences. The characters in “A Doll’s House” portray average middle class people even though they might be radical. Even though the plays are quite different they are rather similar as well.

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