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Published: 2021-08-16 10:35:07
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The core values means the principles or standards to be followed during the course of job. The core values play an important role in the development of every individual’s personality ad In successfully achieving his target. As like in other profession, Navy also covers three oaths like paragraphs called core values, which are, honor courage and commitment.
Honor: Are the respect, honesty and integrity towards the job performed. Honor is the pride, which helps to take full responsibility for any actions delegated and keep abide the person to perform his duty in highest ethical manner. Therefore, Medal of Honor is the highest award in U.S.A. A very great man rightly said that,” Honor comes from within the human mind and from human nature”.
Courage: is another navy’s core value, which means bravery, zeal, enthusiasm etc. It is also treated as state of mind that helps to overcome danger, difficulty, pain or fear. In navy courage means, the valor to meet the demand entrusted to the person as best as possible. Courage is the bravery, which gives us strength to face every problem without fear.

Commitment: The last core value of navy is commitment, which means dedication, obligation and promise towards all the people a job assigned. People should always be committed to their task therefore, commitment is a core value. Commitment is very important in the navy because there is considerable amount of responsibility on the shoulders of navy personnel as every person depends on them.Committment should not be limited to oneself but to all the people around.
Conclusion: from the above core values discussed it is clear that these principles are integral part of all the navies’ forces across the world, which build the foundation of trust and leadership upon which strength is based and victory is achieved. Therefore, every member of naval service- active, reserve, and civilian, must understand and live up to the core values.
Thus, every naval person should be truthful and honest in his dealings within inside and outside the department of the navy, he must encourage new ideas and delivers bad news immediately and he must fulfill ethical ad legal responsibilities in best manner. The navy person must have courage to accept all the challenges with high standards of personal conduct and decency and he must be loyal to the nation by making honest, careful and efficient way. He should respect all the religion without caste, religion.
Referred to sites: Core values. United States Core Values.
Dated 3rd July 2007

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