Mrs.Fields Cookie Case

Published: 2021-08-15 10:30:06
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Would you describe Mrs. Fields’ Cookies as more of a functional hierarchy structured along traditional functional lines or more of an IT-enabled network consisting of tailored business processes?
I believe that Mrs. Fields’ Cookies started out as traditional, but evolved into an IT-enabled networked that consisted of tailored business processes. Randy definitely had a vision for the company and made sure that what we desired came to life. It also allowed Debbie to maintain a closeness to her stores by being aware of what was going on at each location and having contact with the managers. Therefore, she could feel as if she was there, even when she wasn’t.
What role does IT play in the Mrs. Fields’ organizational structure?

IT plays a major role in Mrs. Field’s organizational structure. IT allowed the DSM to not only have a closeness with the owner, but it allowed the company to function under a corporate standard. They can send/receive electronic mail, given a daily schedule (day planner), schedule labor, offer skills tests to employees for raises, assist with interviewing process, have a time clock.
What challenges does Mrs. Fields Cookies face in the next five years?
The next 5 years challenges would be the need for more speed and the internet. New servers would be needed to meet the demand for faster uploading and downloading times. A better backup system and robust security to prevent hacking and viruses should also be considered. A website will be needed to let everyone know of all locations and what items are sold at all locations. This site can also alert customers of specials sale items. How well positioned is the company to meet these challenges? This company is well positioned to meet these challenges.
This company already has a mindset to constantly improve using MIS,. They are well aware that their technological advances contributed to growth and better decision-making. They next thing would be implementation, which Randy has a drive to see through. The company is already networked. The servers and personal computers at the stores need to be upgraded with faster processors and better operating systems. The company have programmers that could either create upgraded applications and the website or lead in deciding a third-party in creating them. . What advice would you have given Debbi and Randy Fields in 1988? I would’ve advised them to franchise but with very strict rules and controlled rules and guidelines for their franchisees. I would also advise them to seek more acquisitions to expand their portfolio. I would also have advised them to research their competition and seek any ways to stay a step ahead. Also, they should have contingency plans in place for potential emergency situations and potential recessions.

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