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Published: 2021-07-26 00:50:07
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Leah YoungYoung 1 2/14/13 Essay#2 English 101 My Best Friends There’s really no great way to start my story other than with the truth. I was 31 and living in a tiny apartment in one of the worst neighborhoods in Louisville. I was on my second divorce and third abusive relationship. Between me making excuses for bruises and the women my then husband was seeing while I was working, life for me was a sad one. I woke up one morning and decided I had to leave. I packed all I could, filed an EPO and waited for him to be served. I then moved my family into my cousin’s house while still paying rent on my apartment.
It took an entire month to go back to my apartment. I’ll never forget that feeling while walking back to my apartment for the first time. I felt the heat as if there was a knife at my back as I walked down that sidewalk, as if someone was staring me down. Every time I heard something that fear would set in, and believe me fear itself is a powerful thing. At this point I had no companionship and I knew I needed it. I had all I needed otherwise, I had my own place, my kids and had found Jesus. I wanted companionship, unconditional love but had no interest in dating being the market for a quality man was small.
Besides I was nowhere close to being ready for a relationship, so I decided I would get a dog. I got online and posted to my friends if they knew anyone that had a small dog that needed a good home. An adoption agency was suggested so I started browsing. I applied for a few but they were already taken and Young 2 the only one that was available I didn’t think anyone would adopt. Another friend of mine gave me the number to a temporary rescue for dogs. I called them and she said there was a small dog that was going to be put down if no one adopted him, so I agreed to pick him up the next morning.

I had no idea what he looked like, only that his name was Biscuit. The next day I went to the rescue and there he was the dog I said “no one would adopt”. Everyone wanted a full breed so they were adopted quickly leaving Biscuit, “The Ugly Duckling”. When I first saw him I chuckled seeing his funny build. He is one half Dachshund (wiener dog) and half Chihuahua, both breeds love to bark. He had his ears perked up looking like satellites, his eyes matched his coat, his legs are short and stocky, long body and his face is a cross of both breeds, he is called a Chiweenie.
As I watched Biscuit playing with the other dogs, I just fell in love. After I played with him for 30 minutes, watched him drag toys out to share with his pals and the wagging of his tail when I first picked him up. It was then decided that he was a perfect fit for me being the oddball, so I brought him home and that night he jumped right in the bed and snuggled with me under the blankets. (Biscuit, age unknown 2012) Young 3 After a week with Biscuit I felt that unconditional love I’ve needed for years, filling that void in my life. I went and saved his precious life, and he made mine a happier one.
His unconditional love makes my quality of life far better than what it was. I was now happy in my little apartment. This was the first time I was just me and had to learn who I was again. Having Biscuit in my life helped me in doing so. Taking him for walks gave me time to think about what I wanted to get out of life. I thought to myself, there has to be more than this. I want to have a nice home, go back to school and live a happy life alone or not. I didn’t need a companion, none other than my dog and my family. One cold day in January it was snowing and couldn’t be more than 15 degrees outside.
Biscuit needed to go out, so I put our coats on and took him for a stroll. While walking him I heard a whimpering noise and started looking around. After about five minutes, I saw this little Chihuahua with ice on her ears and could see her ribs as she shivered in the freezing cold. I called for her and she ran to me, so I put her little body inside my coat and took her home. I put out notice of dog found and decided if no one claimed her within a month, I would keep her. My daughter fell in love and named her Princess. Princess immediately took to our family as if she belonged.
Within weeks, I had her back to health. She’s a short haired, light brown Chihuahua and by far the cutest thing I’d ever seen. Her temperament is so loveable and offers love to anyone whether they want it or not. She’ll wear clothes, play, does cute dances when I come home and on a funny note stuffed elephants are boyfriends to her. A month went by and no one claimed her. By this time, we had bonded and I had two dogs to cuddle up next to me. Needless to say I’ve spoiled them rotten. Princess became my second best friend. My little Chihuahua has made a huge impact Young 4 on our family.
Her love is so genuine and comforting, there’s just nothing like it. I have fallen in love with her and treat her and Biscuit as if they are my kids. Both of them help comfort us when we have rough days. I believe in fate and don’t think it was by chance that these two dogs entered our lives. We all suffered some form of abuse. Biscuit came from a puppy mill being locked in a cage, Princess was left freezing and may have died had I not found her, and my kids and I suffered from abuse and broken homes. I believe we needed each other and it’s a match made in heaven. (Princess 2012, age unknown)
Together these two dogs and my family have been through so much. They have bonded as well and do make life easier to deal with. When I’m sick and laying in bed they seem to know. They always greet me with wagging tails and a toy ready to play as I walk in the door. When I was faced with the possiblility that I may have to find my babies a new home, it broke my heart. I had to flee our apartment for safety reasons and save for a new place, I had no where to keep my dogs. My family stepped up and my cousin allowed Princess to stay with me at her house, while my brother allowed Biscuit to live with him.
The bond I have with my dogs is different from one I have with a Young 5 human companion. My dogs don’t judge me, they love me no matter what and always are happy to see me. Leaving the apartment turned out to be a blessing. I had to save for several months and live in an apartment with a total of nine people. I took on different roles in the house to do my part. Going from my own three bedroom apartment to a twin size bed I shared with Princess on the floor and everything I own locked in a storage unit, was very hard. I had to be humble and prayed every night just to get me through.
After I had saved enough money, I started searching for a new home. It took four long months to save enough money to move. I had been searching for a home that was big enough so that every child would have their own room, an office for me and a basement with a fenced back yard for the dogs that I could afford. If I hadn’t started looking when I did, I may never have fell in love with my third best friend, Will. He has been a friend of the family for many years, but I hadn’t gotten to know him well, I only heard so many good things about him. It was at the hospital when his neice Kendra was born when we first had met.
I thought then he may have been interested just by the way he looked at me and the way I felt when he hugged me for the first time. It had been over a year and a half since I actually felt anything for anyone. It took a year of off and on meetings and it wasn’t until his neice’s first birthday that the connection was established. He kept making eye contact with me and conversation that kept me smiling from ear to ear. I got that warm feeling inside I had hoped to feel someday. At that point I let go and put him in God’s hands, I let God decide if it were meant to be.
Two weeks had went past since the birthday party and just by chance or act of God we happened to run into each other at the store. We had a good conversation I Young 6 thought wouldn’t end, nor did I want it to. The way he looked at me with those eyes of kindness, want and the feeling of my heart thumping as every word left his mouth, it was then I knew my feelings were valid and it just may be meant to happen. I had mentioned that I would be moving in a few weeks and ask if maybe he could help since he had a truck, of course he agreed. I finally found my current house that fit all my needs and turned out to be in his neighborhood.
I didn’t have Will’s phone number and needed help moving. The only way to get was to go to his house, I knew that’s what I had to do. I’ve never been so nervous in all my life as I pulled down his street and thought I was gonna to hurl walking up those steps to his door. As I knocked, my heart was in my throat. He answered the door and greeted me with his smile I had missed and thought about for weeks. He gladly gave me his number and said to call when I was ready. I called him and we set a time for him to move my things. As he pulled in to pick me up, my heart was pounding and I had butterflies in my stomach.
We had good conversation on the way to the storage and after all was done, he decided to take me on a tour of the neighborhood showing me all the ends and outs. I thought, well I won’t get lost when walking Biscuit and Princess. When he finally took me home, I was a little sad because I didn’t want the night to end. However, he did get to meet my dogs and their opinion mattered a great deal. They are loyal and have been here far before he exsisted to me and they liked him. Turns out he left his dolly there so I knew he had to come back to get it, and that he did.
My heart fluttered as he got his things, that night I took a shot and ask if it would be okay if I called him. Later that night we talked for at least an hour, laughing and enjoying good conversation as I sat on my porch with my dogs cuddled beside me. The next night he came over to set up my washer and dryer. I ask if he wanted to Young 7 watch a movie and as we watched Daredevil, he leaned over and kissed me for the first time. It was the most amazing feeling I had ever felt. Right then I felt that he was the one I had been waiting for so long. He called the next afternoon and ask me out on our first real date. Our date was to little pizza place and I love pizza! The conversation and date went so well, we decided to make a weekend of it. We’ve seen each other almost everyday for the past year and a half since our first kiss. On November 23, 2012 he ask me to be his wife and I happily accepted his proposal. We’ve become best friends that love each other unconditional the way my dogs love me. No matter what it is, I know I can talk to him and not risk judgement. We have so many similar interest and have fun doing nothing at all. The future is untold as life brings about changes, but I believe I have found my best friends that I will love the rest of my life. Will and I at Van Halen concert, 2012) I’ve been down a long, broken road that lead me to some of the happiest times and saddest times in my life. For once, I now feel complete and found three best Young 8 friends that will give me a lifetime of memories. I know that through ups and downs they will be there for as long as God allows. I was once a broken woman struggling through illness, loss of loved ones, hopelessness and lived a sad, lonely life. Through prayer, patience, self disipline and a few best friends I’m now a happy woman that has gained a new family, a true love and best friends I’ll love forever.

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