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Published: 2021-08-18 03:35:08
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Considering a nursing career can be both challenging and at the same time rewarding.  It is a commitment that needs time and effort in order to help others while constantly studying to update their knowledge.  Nursing is not for everyone, it is for the elite.  Even though it is a trend it does not mean everyone can pursue the career.  For students who are in this field it has never occurred that someone took it so lightly.  The pressure is always there yet they need to put a smile on their faces in front of their patients no matter how hard it is to work and study at the same time.
One student in a prestigious school is at his third year.  He knew it along that he was going to pursue a nursing career.  He has his mind-set since he was a kid and now only a year to go before he graduates.  Although he wanted to be a nurse, he could not deny the fact that stress is the main hindrance to his goal.
On the other hand another student from a different school is at his fourth and final year in nursing.  At first he never wanted to be a nurse, thinking that it would be hard to care for someone he barely knows.  After the p of four years he realized that everything was a misconception.  It is not just the hard work.  It is the feeling of fulfillment when he sees his patient go out of the hospital thanking him for the care that he has given.

After interacting with some students, I realized that nursing is not a walk in the park career.  Nursing is not as simple as caring it requires knowledge and grace while performing a task.
Stress is always present in any job.  Nursing is a good example of a very stressful career.   It is never a sedentary job that requires time and energy while performing your job.  Even as student, they are trained under pressure.  Every nursing student cares for their patients while thinking about their report which is one of the scenarios of stress in any student taking up this course.
It is admirable to see students managing their time.  They tend to think about their priorities than having fun with their peers.  During weekends, there are times that they don’t even have a break.  Somehow they have to go to the hospital during weekends to get their patient’s data before their exposure in the hospital the following day.
The profession is based on taking care of other people but it is very important to take care of your own well-being.  One awry of students is that they think more about their patients and they forget about themselves.  It is essential to be vigilant on personal health.  You need to take good care of yourself before you can take care of others.
Learning is constant in this career.  There are always new updates of the old concepts that every student should be aware of.  Books are not just the source of information these days.  With the theoretical knowledge a student is equipped with the know how in applying it in the field.
One of the most important aspects of nursing is teamwork.  Collaborating with the co-nurses is a must in maximizing the treatment for each patient.  Planning with the team can result to lesser effort and more effective intervention.
Even as student nurses, they are considered as modern day heroes.  But as humans there are also limits.  It is very important to know your limitations, students should never intervene with the duties that only a registered nurse can do.  Instead of helping they might end up making the situation worse.

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