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Published: 2021-08-10 11:35:07
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Chapter 1 1. )The 10 decision of OM are applied at Frito-lay as followed; at Frito-lay, product development kitchens experiment with new products, submit them to focus groups, and perform test marketing. Once the product specifications have been set, process capable of meeting those specifications, and the necessary quality onsite inspection of the potatoes used in ruffles and the corn used in Fritos. The continuance of quality throughout the manufacturing process, with statistical process control of product variables such as oil, moisture, seasoning, salt, thickness and weight.
Quality continues when evaluations are conducted throughout shipment, receipt, production, packaging and delivery. 2. )To determine the productivity of the production process at Fritos-lay you must look at the amount of production. The production process at Fritos-lay is designed for large volumes and small variety, using expensive special-purpose equipment, and with swift movement of material through the facility. Fritos-Lay’s, typically have high capital cost, tight schedules, and rapid processing.
The company rewards employees with medical, retirement, and education plans; also vendors must be chosen with great care. 3. )At the Hard Rock Cafe, being a service organization, the 10 decisions of OM differentiate from Frito-Lay because Frito-Lays have a production process organization. In a production process company such as Frito-lay, a production line is created and designed for balance throughput and high utilization.

The production line is there to manage with sanitary issues since fast processing of productions put a premium on an efficient layout. At Fritos-Lay product development kitchens experiment with new product, submit them to focus groups, and perform test marketing. Unlike Frito-Lay, at the Hard Rock Cafe it being a service industry, the operation managers’ deal with economic activities typically produces. They deal with economy stuff, for example, trades, financial, and other professional occupations.

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