P Cruises Marketing Concepts

Published: 2021-07-16 10:25:06
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Social needs Include the chance to meet new people and create a new social group, or simply the right to 'brag' to friends about the experiences one has undergone while using this product. Individual needs could Include the chance of gallon new knowledge gathered through the locations offered and a different experience. Wants, when backed by buying power, become known as demands (Armstrong, Adam, Denizen & Kettle, 2012). The wants for this product are shaped through a persona's social background or even rich culture.
Its uniqueness also forces the shape of the want and the variation of the respective of a holiday which is achieved through this product promotes the demand. The organization shapes the demand by promoting the practices that can only been seen and experiences through the product. P Cruises do not simply offer one type of product. What they achieve through their market include a service, goods and an experience, which are used to satisfy the customer's needs, wants and demands. The services that this organization offers include accommodation, meals, on-board entertainment, etc.
The company provides the essential requirements to achieve a unique experience which creates the idea of a cruise which is then seen as holiday. The availability of overseas ports promotes the want for this service. Thus, P&O Cruises are able to use experiences detailed through service as their product rather than having a physical good or product. Customer perceived value is the difference between the values the customer gains from owning and using a product and the costs of obtaining the product (Armstrong, Adam, Denizen & Kettle, 2012).

Media evaluation, personal knowledge and recommendations are all techniques which could be used to evaluate a product or service and then determine whether they outweigh their competitors in terms of value and satisfaction. Through the use of media reports, it is evident that P&O Cruises are continuing to grow as a corporation and are able to satisfy customers and consumers wants, needs and demands. Supporting this is the social media page 'Backbone' with over 250, 000 "likes" directed toward P&O Cruises.
An Important part of marketing Is the exchange, transactions and relationships sector. In large regards to how a company builds a profitable relationship with Its customers, It weighs heavily on this segment. The exchange process Is the act of obtaining a profit for the company In return for the service and experience the company offers. In P&O Cruiser's case, It Is the exchange of a luxurious holiday for a set amount of money. The success of the exchange depends widely on the transaction process.
The transaction Is the marketing unit of measurement and involves the payment for the experiences offered by P Cruises companies and the like, depend on strong relationships with their consumers in order to succeed and create a healthy business. In maintaining and building a well- established relationship between P Cruises and the consumer, a strong positive relationship will result and a positive reputation will be created in favor of the company. In creating a long-term relationship, both sides will appreciate what is being offered.
The customer will enjoy the service offered again and again as they trust the company and the company will continue to receive profits. The final core marketing concept is the potential buyers of a product or service, markets. P Cruises target market varies widely. It can include individuals looking for an adventure, couples that want to develop their relationship, elders that have yet to experience the thrills offered in this service, families with money to spend on something that will entertain the younger generation and many more.
However, P Cruises do generally not advertise towards individuals who have limited time, money and/or interest in what is offered by the company. The five core marketing concepts are used to develop a successful company with going concern. P Cruises have evidently used these concepts during the business years and are now one of the leading cruise services offered. They have not marketed a physical good and have marketed their services and experiences successfully through the concepts of human needs, wants and demands; market offerings; value and satisfaction; exchanges, transactions and relationships; and market.

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