Pros and Cons of the Compulsory Military Service

Published: 2021-07-21 00:45:07
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Military Service is a course to create a fit and capable citizen with strong characters. For that reason we see that the majority of world countries obligate the young people to attend of the military service. Should men compulsory attend the military service? Are there any advantages or disadvantages of it? Supporters say that the military service is a very practical course through which young people would attend to learn a wide range of skills physically, morally an even psychologically.
Parents at home can not offer their children all the principles that are needed for them to face the tough life bravely, wisely and steadily. But military service can offer a wide variety of programs through certain strategies developed by specialists to attain these noble goals. Contrary to that, the army requires individuals to fit into its pattern, or otherwise draftees become an object of ridicule among the others. Many sensitive young men are forced to be obedient and those who are not submissive to the strict rules are treated in a very brutal way.
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It may affect badly their psyches and cause unforeseen harmful results. Therefore, from a psychological point of view, conscription may beget more evil than good. The other argument against conscription is that it is, in fact, unnecessary in the modern world- we have less and less wars, and the real forces are well-trained, small troops consisting of people whose whole life is fighting, not skinny, hunchbacked teenagers suffering from asthma.
What is more, nowadays the real strength of a country depends rather on well-qualified experts, able to operate complicated missiles than on the manpower. All in all, the military service should be optional, not compulsory, and everyone should be granted freedom of choice and not being forced to something against his plans, nature or individual character and world-view.

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