How to Reduce Accident on Our Road?

Published: 2021-08-04 08:15:06
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Time to time, half a million of Malaysians died because of road accidents. Malaysia is the country that has the highest accident rate in the world. The rise in the number of road accidents is indeed worrying. Even the road safety campaigns aimed at reducing road accidents have met with little success. Only when there is a change in the mindsets of road users can we expect a decrease in the number of road accidents. Even though we cannot prevent the accidents from happening totally but we can help to reduce the many accidents to its minimum stage by taking the following several steps and ideas are suggested.
The first and foremost, every driver should be advised to take good care of their vehicle. We have to make sure that our vehicles are in good running condition and rectify them at the earliest before travelling. It’s better to be shocked and to realize something was wrong while we were in the garage, rather than realizing the same while we were driving. If we are not sure with our own auto-mobile engineering skills, we should check our vehicle problem by using the help of mechanic. We should service our vehicle regularly as recommended by the manufacturer.
So, we can drive our vehicles and arrived to our destination safely. Secondly, every driver should do not speed while driving their vehicles. This is the main reason that contributes to the road accident happen in Malaysia. The government should introduce deterrence to reduce the accident on our road. For instance, the government can install speed cameras in the accident-prone place. This will help authorities to identify and take legal action to the driver that do not follow the speed limit. Besides that, every driver should obey road sign and traffic rules.

Every legal that have been made are for our own safety. On the other words, we have to follow the rules and we should try our best to prevent accident to happen frequently. In addition, we can reduce accidents on the road by introducing heavy penalties for traffic offenses. Authorities can increase the summonses for the drivers that break the rules. Every offender is compulsory to pay the summons. If they cannot make a payment, they will send to the prisons. This will prevent people to do not make the offense for the second time because of fear with punishment that have been made.
Moreover, an individual’s penalty can be considered a mirror at which other people can look and try not to do the same thing. This method will help to minimize the accident from happening. Furthermore, we can take action to control this problem by educating the public on road safety. The government or NGO should educate people through a campaign or advertisement on television or radio. The public should be exposed to the way safety while driving a vehicle on the road. The government can implement campaigns to instil awareness to all Malaysians.
In addition, the younger generation should be exposed to the rules of the road in Malaysia. So they can follow the legal and reduce the accident that happens on our road. As a conclusion, the road users must implement their obligations. So, they can guarantee their safety. Accordingly, all parties need to work together to mobilize energy to overcome this problem completely. Collective efforts that I suggest should be implemented immediately. If the above measures supported by the people of Malaysia, I'm sure the amount of road accidents in Malaysia can be reduced effectively.

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