How safe is artificial intelligence?

Published: 2021-08-07 11:30:07
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Artificial intelligence is the idea that computer systems can have the intelligence of a human. This means a computer system could think, communicate and do many things we humans do in our everyday life. For there to be artificial intelligence, humans must create it and develop it. We humans are the creators of artificial intelligence and many people think if we overdevelop it, it could one day lead to chaos. Many people think that if one-day artificial intelligence gained the same intelligence as humans, they could decide to go against humanity and destroy us. Steven Hawkins suggests that artificial intelligence could someday wipe out humanity when it gets too clever as we will be like ants compared to the computer systems.
Artificial intelligence is already growing at a very fast rate. Google’s car is a great example of artificial intelligence since Google have developed driverless cars, especially Toyota. They have programmed the cars to drive without the use of human interaction. This already proves that artificial intelligence is growing at a very fast speed. Although it’s accurate to say that it’s hard to measure the risk of danger with artificial intelligence. Like driverless cars, they could one day be infected with a virus which could make the car do things it shouldn’t for example crash and this could be very dangerous.
Artificial intelligence can have many benefits which help us every day for example GPS, they calculate our routes, time it takes to get to target destination and the fastest route possible. Computer systems are also beneficial in terms of calculating mathematically compared to humans where it could possibly take days, weeks or even months to calculate for something. A computer system can calculate something and complex situations in a matter of seconds. Computer systems can also model many real life situations and help to make decisions just like humans.

Artificial intelligence can be very dangerous in some cases. We could say that if AI gained the same intelligence as humans and was able to make rational decisions, they could decide to overtake and rule the world since they are ‘smarter’ and will only get ‘smarter’ than humans. There would be a conflict between the human race and AI. It’s fair to say these are just opinions and theories since we cannot accurately measure the risk of AI until the day of its awakening. There are many movies which are based on AI and influence the publics’ ideology of AI. Movies such as terminator and I, Robot represent AI in a negative aspect which could lead people to believe AI is dangerous. People are not to blame for their ideology since the media can influence their values and beliefs.
One again, hackers could use their knowledge to get access into the AI and control it to their own advantage and do many things. Depending on how lethal the AI can be, the hacker could harm civilians or even participate in an act that could cost owners their life or money. For example, a hacker hacking into someone’s car and making it turn off in middle of a motor way could lead to danger as motor ways are usually driven by many cars with fast speed. Errors and glitches are very common when it comes to technology and applications therefore it could be said that AI may sometimes malfunction and cause a problem which could yet again harm the protection of someone’s life.
Christian, L. (Aug, 28, 2015). Is Artificial Intelligence Really A Threat To Humanity. Tech Times, P1. Violence isn’t the only threat to humanity. It is said that humans could implement AI within latest technology for example facial recognition. This could be a threat to many people as systems would be able to recognize you and even find out who are related to you based on traits such as your appearance, body position and the way you move. Voice recognition could also be used to recognize your identity and can also be used to find relatives. Christian also mentioned that we should consider how ‘long’ it would actually take for AI to be a threat to humanity since it would take decades for AI to reach the super intelligent level.
It’s also important that humans focus on the counter measures and techniques to monitor AI to prevent them one day from taking over. Since we are humans, we are the ones who create AI which means we have control over it and can modify it therefore we can always implement security measures just in case AI turns against us. This is the advantage we humans have. It’s the ability to control the AI however if AI learns how to outsmart humans, then it would be unfortunate as the AI would be able to counter and modify the programming code that was implemented within it.
EDWARD, M G. (2015). The Bulletin Forums. Artificial intelligence is just exaggerated and it just distracts us from the threats we face currently.
ANTHONY, C. (October 7, 2015). Ib Times. Artificial intelligence program ConceptNet matches 4-year old child in IQ test, P1. This proves to us we still have a long time left until AI really can overpower humans but at this current stage, as of 2015 the AI have been revealed to have the IQ level of children. This can be really reassuring to people who were afraid of AI developing too fast. It seems we have a long time left. It will take a lot of trial and error to update AI in order for it to get a higher IQ score. However, this proves to the world that AI has finally been able to gain the intelligence of a child which is a big clue and hints that it’s developing gradually, and one day it will have superior intelligence. If AI keeps progressing at this rate, then the future may have something surprising waiting for them.

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