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Published: 2021-08-01 02:55:09
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Scholar – A scholar is a person who is engaged in the art of learning any branch of information to attain literary or scientific knowledge. He is the man of books and is also known as a student who learns from his teacher (Hydroponicsearch. com, 2009). Practitioner – He is a, artful person who is engaged in his profession and actually uses his knowledge achieved by exercising his art either habitually or customarily practicing the same (dictionary. net, 2009). A Scholar-Practitioner is a person who juggles between researching additional knowledge and practicing and experiencing the theory there-off.
He continuously updates his learning and contributes to further designing instructions and making decisions (IPFW. edu, 2009). Practitioner-Scholar: In such a situation, a person indulges in a practice based approach which is associated with scholarly inquiry of knowledge. Thus it is an associated relationship between theory and practice. It primarily focuses on clinical practice where by a consumer who researches as a scholar and is also known to be a professional trainer and a practitioner who uses the science of knowledge while dealing with clients (liunet. edi, 2009).
A scholar-Practitioner model describes me the best right now – As I am related to the profession of teaching, a constant flair for reading and applying the learnt knowledge in the field of teaching. This ultimately shows the connection and the relationship between scholarship activities and practice activities. Thus advancements of educational systems and educational practice can be enhanced by this model. As a learner this model helps in the learning and investigating practical issues while for a professional it serves in providing a framework of research, teaching and servicing these activities (dwb, 2009).

In scholar-practitioner model, while differentiating between master’s degree and doctoral degree, it is made clear that the very fact of being a student and learning without provision of financial aid will indicate the pursuance of master’s degree. While in the doctoral learning, it is the practice of the learned art which is mostly associated with provision of a scholarship or financial aid (dwb, 2009 & Kuther, T. 2009).
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