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Published: 2021-08-06 01:30:07
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Secret Window is psychological thrilled about mind that cracks right down the middle and separates two different people with totally two different personalities that is taking over. Mort Rainey is a successful writer going through unfriendly divorce from his wife, Amy. Mort suspicion his wife Amy who is secretly meeting a lover and one night he confirms his fear by following her to a nearby motel and hesitantly walks in to the room while they are in bed.
His hesitation was caused by a voice in his head that was trying to persuade him to go home and forget about his suspicion. Mort is alone and bitter in his little cabin, he continues to work on his writing when stranger John Shooter comes up to his doorstep, claim Rainey stole his story. Mort tells Shooter that he wrote his first and he can prove it, but while Mort waits for the evidence to appear, Shooter starts to become more violent. Mort also tries to tell Shooter that his story was published way back before Shooter’s existed.
And then he is given three days by Shooter to prove it. Mort had medical attention then maybe he would have gotten treatment for his disorder. The disorder in which I am thinking of is known as dissociation identity disorder (DID) which also called as multiple personality disorder (MPD). This disorder is a psychiatric condition which person role in multiple identities. Each has a different set of unique set of memories, emotions, behavior, and thoughts.

Mort’s alter ego which was Shooter is called a “host personality” this is when he executive control of the body for the greatest percentage of time during a given amount of time. Mort has been taking prescription drugs to stabilize his mental disorder. This problem combined with cigarette and alcohol-induced psychotic disorder with delusions and with onset during intoxication may account for five murders that were committed by one of Mort’s personalities.
I have known that in this multiple personality disorder therapy the hypnosis is one of the successful treatment for the person that diagnosis with this disorder. In this hypnosis therapy they ask patient to go back in their mind when traumatic events occurred in their childhood. The treatment helps them belief that those traumatic memories will permit in patient to understand the threats from their childhood is doesn’t exist anymore in their adult life. Neither I can nor has anyone I know that has been related to this movie with multiple personality disorder.
I can’t imagine any of my family member or friends going through with this kind of disorder. But I have seen one of the shows on T. V. that was similar to this kind of movie. It was girl who diagnosis with this multiple personality disorder. It was hard for the parents to take care of her and her little brother together. Her brother was only 2 year old and she tries to kill her brother and she go through that traumatic events. Her parent rent another apartment so separate brother and sister from each-other.
The director had done really wonderful job with this movie, but there something I see to be end different ways than the way it did end. If I were director of this movie, I would keep the most part of the movie the way it is except for the end part. I was looking for some more to it at the end. I would try to show the treatment to this disorder so it allow to understand more people how patient get treated with multiple personality disorder. And also audience can understand much better to people who deal with mental illness.

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