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Published: 2021-07-17 13:15:06
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Cases are held on a short term bases, which could be Initial Assessment, then or a Core Assessment, or a Strategy meeting then if further work is require, it will then be passed on to the long term Team. It was arranged for me to shadow Robert Mega In the Intake Team; he introduced me to the other team members and found a desk for me next to his own desk. Robert told me that he only Just found that I was to be shadowing him that day and that was why the Team Managers were not aware of It when I was Introduced to them.
He asked what I wanted to know or do for the day, I explained that I was there o observe and if able attend visits or meetings. Robert had 2 visits planned, one was an unannounced visit and he had to call before hand regarding the other one. However, when he called and spoke with the client at length, there was no need for an appointment that day. Robert hold another case that he was working on which involved Child Protection issues, he wanted to fully understand the next procedures that he needed to undertake and asked if I could look in the London Child Protection procedures to check the next steps he needed to follow.
After looking into the Procedures, It would seem that Robert was already on the right track and the next step was to either have a Strategy meeting or undertake a Core Assessment on the family. The Social Work Law Robert was working wealth was Children Act 1989..... Before Robert left for unannounced visit he briefed his Team Manager who gave advice and suggestions to complete during time at the family's home. The arranged time for the visit was planned after young person finishes school and was estimated that she would be at home by the time the visit was to commence.

When we arrived he young person was just arriving home, her mother opened the door and if she was surprised, she hid it well and was forthcoming inviting us in. She co-operated well as did young person who was a teenager with all the typical attitudes of a young person her age. The school had raised concerns re the young person, however the concerns were unfounded after Robert spoke with the family. The young person was resistance when asked If we could see her room, but she complied after assurance that It would be a brief observance of the room and nothing more.
A meeting was planned at the school which the family will attend and Robert will also attend and discuss his findings. Shadow day 16th May Davis House This Team was a very large team with many Social Workers and a number of Managers as well as a team of Admit workers, finance worker and Project worker. Susan introduced me to the many members of the team, she had already arranged for me to observe within a Referral Strategy Meeting that was due to start. During the introductions with the team one of the Social Workers had a Review Meeting to which
I asked if I could attend and observe. Strategy Meeting was to discuss and arranged and put plans in place regarding the unaccompanied minor who was the subject of the meeting. Brief overview was a 14 year old with a possibility of trafficking background, placed with Foster careers, but has now gone missing. Discussions took place around the safety of the young person, the possibility that she could be in the hands of people who are in the trafficking industry, or maybe she made friends with people she has met and is able to work and sustain herself.
Other possibilities were issued and suggestions as to how to locate her were put forward. It was suggested that the Media was a very good source of outlet to use and because the young person might be high risk, this is one way that could bring about positive results. Discussions also took place about the Foster Careers who were currently feeling that they were to blame for YAP going missing. The meeting felt that the foster careers needed further training and that their Supervising Social Worker to visit and offer support.
My next observance was the Review meeting of a young person who as now placed with new Foster Careers but the Review was already planned and too late to cancel. There were doubts about the real age of said YAP, it was believed that she was older than she stated, however she had to be treated and referred to as the age she said she was. The Reviewing Officer was very through and all aspects of the reviewing issues of young person were dealt with. I had the opportunity to observe duty and had the procedures explained to me.
When an unaccompanied Minor from another present themselves or come to the attention of the Home Office they are offered to Crayon Social Services. There is usually a Social Worker based at the Home Office in Crayon. If there are queries regarding the YAP age, an age assessment need to take place. If the young person appears to be under 16 they are places with Foster Careers if they appear older they are placed in B and passed on to the 16 plus team. All accompanied Minors are placed On Crayon Data base, it seems that Crayon is one of the Boroughs that is targeted by those who claim to be an unaccompanied Minor. Janet Williams

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