SWOT Analysis of MicroStar International

Published: 2021-08-21 10:10:07
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Their motto is, "Quality Products Create Faithful Customers. " They received environmental certification in 1999 and a 99. 6% quality rate, which is far beyond that of the industry standard ("About MS'"). One of MS"s primary strengths is their ability to seize opportunities when they see them. Because of the expanding market in response to notebooks, computer companies are trying to make them faster, lighter, with a longer battery life, and larger screens.
The director of MS"s notebook PC sales department, Samara Cheer, said, "CULL [Consumer Ultra-Low Voltage] models will eat into a big art of the share in traditional laptop market, and we definitely don't want to miss such an opportunity' (L'). The second strength of MS' is their push of the newest technology out on to the market fast. While most companies wait for the old technology to be "consumerists" before releasing the latest, MS' makes the other companies try to "out innovate" instead of "out produce. Acre was first on the market with the new CULL machine labeled its "Timeline" series. However, "MS' has also announced its first machine which is like a Macro Air, but lighter and much cheaper. " The MS' X-340 is 1 . Keg, less than 3 pounds, and has a 13. 4-inch widespread, and around 6-8 hours of battery life (Sheffield). This model is part of the X-Slim line and MS' expects to boost their 2009 laptop shipments up to 30 percent from the previous year (L'). Down the chain of production are the components such as the processors, integrated circuits, batteries, etc.
While MS' makes the motherboard, case, and most of the other components, there are some features that weaken MS"s ability to produce. The competition from MAD and Intel, the two largest and seemingly only processor producers, leave MS' in the middle of producing laptops ND notebooks for both. Their ability to not give in to Intel's bribes have suited them well in the past but the technology between the two are now so similar that MS' will have issues choosing one over the other. MAD will showcase their new chippies while Woman, "a new mobile standard", is being pushed by Intel (Lie).

While notebook sales SOOT Analysis of Microsoft International By frontispieces downfall on both sides according to Dispatcher. The original notebooks came out with Linux, a free rival operating system to Windows or Mac. The notebook was not opposed to have processing power; it was made to integrate with web applications that store your data. The consumers did not buy these because they were too dissimilar to the existing operating system they knew (Sheffield). What is even more alarming is that they are going to try again with another version of Linux that seems more like Windows (Novel).
There are a limited number of ways for a Multi-national Corporation to expand their horizons, but in the ever-expanding market, there remain a few. The global market which according to analysts have been underestimated. Gardner, who forecasted 5. Million units in 2008, was under by almost ten million. The market for portable PC's now make up almost to 20% of the entire market. MS' who have been producing in this field since 2007, when notebooks first appeared, should stand to benefit from this increase (Sheffield).
While MS' is located in Taiwan, China's market has not always been the most hospitable to computers and technology... Until now. MS' opened a production plant in 2000, and a research facility in 2001. These plants, located in China, now service China and "is now becoming one of the biggest motherboard and graphics card manufacturers in he world" ("About MS'"). Not only does MS' recognize China's importance, but other companies have also started to open their shops to China. Vice President of Dutch NSP Semiconductor J.
J. Wang said, "For us, China is a very important market, where growth will be faster than any other major market" (L'). While forecasts in the past have shown increases and expansion, Research firm DC predicts a downfall. By their calculation, PC shipments will fall about 4 percent worldwide. There are shortages of displays and memory chips that will likely show a drastic increase in prices. Even "Merrill Lynch expects PC vendors to face more pressure on margins from this [fall] quarter" (Lie).
The other major threat is from the consumers themselves. Linux failed in notebooks because people wanted the "system tray' they used and understood. PC vendors have been fighting this turnover to the free operating systems and consumers seem unsure (Sheffield). MS' wants to try again. "MS' already offers USE Linux Enterprise Desktop preloaded on MS' devices and this new Novel version of Mobile offers another interesting desktop computing opportunity for our customers," aid Samara Chem.., senior director of Global Marketing at MS' (Novel).
While some attribute the failure of Linux to the failure of the notebook idea, people want what they already know. Change is good, but risky (Sheffield). MS' has been a leading company for years. Their strengths outweigh their weaknesses. Their ability to expand, even in tough economic times, is a testament to their diversification and understanding of their market. The threats the company face are mainly from the consumer's tastes. We will not know if these ideas will succeed or fail. However, reflecting upon the past allures, every technological innovation changes the entire scheme.

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