The Great Navigator Columbus

Published: 2021-07-22 22:05:05
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The great navigator Columbus Mr. Christopher Columbus (1451-1506) navigator Spain famous and pioneering major geographical discoveries in human history. He was in his youth believer in the theory of spherical Earth and not leading the famous Marco Polo every respect and appreciation, and the determination to become a navigator. During the period between the year 1492 and in 1502 crossed the Atlantic Ocean four times and discovered the American continent and became a great crew in the history of the world.
Columbus Italy and had a passion for navigation and exploration since he was young and looked forward to traveling to China and India. And has repeatedly asked the Portuguese and Spanish kings and the British and French to help him do a cruise to the west until it reaches to the eastern states, but they rejected the plan because the spherical earth theory were not complete and convincing in those days. He spent more than ten years trying to convince people to help him implement his navigational plan.
In 1492 the queen of Spain with the help of satisfied Columbus financially the implementation of the plan. In September 1492 launched Columbus' fleet of three ships and 87 crew from Europe to the west, hoping to reach Asia in the end. A month after the fleet arrived at the dry ground, and Columbus and his men think Columbus and his men, it is the land of Asia, told the audience in Europe that they have arrived in India. Thus Columbus discovered the American continent without being aware of the fact discovered.

This trip changed the great process of the evolution of the history of the world, and turned the World Trade Center from the Mediterranean Sea to the west shore of the Atlantic Ocean. In the following centuries, modern industrial civilization has become a new trend of the evolution of the global economy. The United States identified in 1792 on the 12th of October or the first two second-day of October each year, "Columbus Day". In this day every year organizes most U. S. states many festive activities on the occasion of the anniversary of Columbus' discovery of the Americas.

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