World Civilizations

Published: 2021-07-30 18:00:07
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Ancient world civilizations date back from 3500-500 BC. Some of the early ancient include Egypt, the Roman Empire, the Baghvad Gita, Mesopotamia and Deities of Warriors to mention a few.. Research conducted by scholars indicate that civilizations did not begin in the west as most people believe. As a matter of fact ancient civilization began from the northern desert and the Mediterranean regions. Civilization was not an event but a process. It therefore did not happen spontaneously but took length of time.
There are various ancient civilizations as already mentioned which include Egypt, Mesopotamia, Warriors and Deities in the Near East, India’s Beginnings, Ancient China among others. This paper focuses on each one of them analyzing how each was established. The history of ancient Egypt was characterized by fascination. Egypt is actually of the ancient establishments that may be said to have been rich in civilizations. Some of the memorable fascinations that characterize Egypt’s civilization included; the pyramids, the sphinx, Chariots of the Gods, writings wall paintings and a whole lot of works of art.
These among others help us understand the style and way of life in ancient Egypt including their way of life. The geographical location of Egypt is north eastern of the African continent. It took slighting above 300 years. Civilization of ancient Egypt was also characterized of control of resources both human and natural. Other activities included irrigation, mining of minerals, trade and military ventures. Mesopotamia is also another ancient civilization whose geographical location is between two rivers known as Tigris and Euphrates. Mesopotamia is actually said to be the first world civilization among all other ancient civilizations.

Some major activities that characterized ancient Mesopotamia included construction of levees to control destructive flooding. Irrigation using canals was also very common. History has it that the southern part of Mesopotamia came to be known as Sumer and thus the residents were known as Sumerians. The Sumerians had civilized systems of administration where they organized themselves in city states. Their place of worship was known as Ziggurat and only priests were allowed since it was a sacred place. Every city state had at lease one temple.
Other characteristics of ancient Mesopotamia included was an ancient form of writing known as Cuneiform and Stylus which was instrument made from reed which they used to write. Young boys also attended a school known Edubba after which they graduated to scribes. Also classified among the ancient world civilizations is China whose history of establishment dates back to 15th century BC. The major characteristic of this ancient civilization is the writings which looked like turtle shells. However China is known to have experienced political instability. This may have been as a result of the various dynasties that constituted the whole Kingdom.
Originally ancient China was made up of city states which later grew to dynasties. China administration was based on dynasties until recently. In the Near East the Major characteristic was warriors and Deities. The warriors were considered stronger active and more hardworking than other people. There were gods who facilitated the success of war. In conclusion every ancient civilization had some features which characterized its establishment. However, as noted all civilizations took quite a process. All civilizations have however changed and most of them are now modern.

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