Youth in Indian Politics

Published: 2021-08-05 05:30:04
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India needs young leaders who personify energy, enthusiasm, morality, and diligence. No doubt we have progressed a lot in the last 65 years but the development pace would have been completely different had some young torchbearers led this process of development. At the time of independence, Gandhi called upon the youth to participate actively in the freedom movement. Young leaders like Nehru came and led the movement. But. nowadays we have only a handful of young leaders. The youth today are not interested in actively participating in the political field.
They are content with what they are doing . Young people are not given opportunities to prove themselves because the politicians say that they are not equipped with experience to participate actively in the governance of the country. Old people should realize that proper development can take place only when they make way for younger people to enter in to politics I would like to suggest that there should be a retirement age for politicians. There should also be some educational qualification for politicians.
How can we give the key to our country to those illiterates. The youth of our country, can contribute in areas like educating people, raising awareness about various social ills, and many other areas. Young people possess energy, but it should be channelized in the right direction. Misguided youth may do great harm to the society. Moreover, it is on the shoulders of the young that the future of the country rests, because they represent new values, new thinking and the new ways of life. Even our former president and eminent scientist Dr . APJ Abdul Kalam said that the youth should be a part of the politics, this will ensure the states growth and development Society should mould itself according to the thinking of the young because it is difficult for the older generation to have new thinking. The young should always look with hope and confidence to the future of the country. They must have the spirit to work among the masses and also give a sense of direction for the others to follow. In India we want to be free from poverty, disease and all types of divisive forces.

Our political freedom must create conditions not only for better life but also for peace. The youth of India should be inspired with these ideas and make them as popular with the people . In fact the older generation becomes hardened in their thinking. So it is difficult for them to adopt a new path. The faith of the young people is never so rigid. They can adopt, modify and change their ideas according to the demands of the circumstances. So youth of India should take this responsibility on their shoulders.
Another responsibility which Indian youth will have to take is to revive our culture. If we break with our culture no progress is made in the society. The great ideas enshrined in our culture will help us to set the energies of nation in the proper direction. Various social movements which seem to be the basis of progress need the help of the younger generations. the younger generation has vision of the future and is guided by that vision. So "a nation is built in its educational institutions" through younger generations.
India is wedded to the policy of industrial development, but no industry can make progress till men are properly trained and technologists help in the development of the industries of the country. Only the young generation can give appropriate direction. Therefore ,I conclude that all these steps would lead to nothing if the educated youth doesn’t come forward and fights for a change in the political system. As a famous Hindi poet had once said, “,those who are mute spectators of injustice are also responsible for it "Just casting our votes is not enough, we must be a part of politics in india"

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