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Afghanistan and Turkic States

Turkmenistan formerly also known as Turkmenia (Russian: ?????????), is one of the Turkic states in Central Asia. Until 1991, it was a constituent republic of the Soviet Union, theTurkmen Soviet ...

Published: 2021-08-14 09:35:07

Comparison of Points of View on the War in Afghanistan

Compare and Contrast The war in Afghanistan is a constant focus for debate. There are those who believe that the United States is still doing a worthy effort in Afghanistan and that it is essential fo...

Published: 2021-07-21 22:55:06

Daughters of Afghanistan

Afghanistan is a country where survival is a fight. Poverty, diseases, poor health care, and starvation is an everyday struggle in daily life. If you are an Afghan woman these issues are compounded by...

Published: 2021-08-02 00:35:11

Importance of Gwadar Port for Pakistan

Selection of Gwadar for construction of Deep Sea Port. While carrying out feasibility study for development of Gwadar port both Karachi and Bin Qasim were also considered for such development but foun...

Published: 2021-08-05 03:50:05

Media Production: Television and Radio

Let's discuss the concepts of personalisation and define what personalisation is. "Personalisation wherever possible, events are seen as the actions of people as individuals thus the NHS cuts may be p...

Published: 2021-07-31 19:20:11

The Fluidity of the Kite Runner

The Kite Runner is a novel by Khaled Hosseini. Published in 2003 by Riverhead Books, it is Hosseini's first novel, and was adapted into a film of the same name in 2007. The Kite Runner tells the story...

Published: 2021-08-11 09:50:05

The Silent Screams of the Veiled Women (A Research Paper on the Afghan Women of Then and Now)

Afghanistan, located in Central Asia, is a culturally-mixed nation that houses a diversity of ethnolinguistic groups, religions, races and traditions. However, vast majority of its population practice...

Published: 2021-08-02 23:40:08

Women`s Rights

Women are increasingly under attack in Afghanistan as far as women’s rights are concerned. The Taliban overthrew the afghan government in 1996, and ruled from 1996-2001, and during that time; strict...

Published: 2021-07-31 23:40:09