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Just wanted to say happy birthday

Esha, just wanted to say happy birthday to you the most sexiest gorgeous and phenomenal person in the world, I just want to say today should be a national holiday, because well to me you are also a national treasure, and to you I want to write this the longest thing I’ve ever written to anybody, because well I love you and you mean everything and anything to me, I just want to say thank you for putting up with my constant suicidal thoughts, depressive behaviour, I don’t know how you do it but I don’t know, I just want to say you are one of if not my closest friend ever and I love you so fucking much, you say you aren’t smart but in my heart I know you are, and you so caring it’s unbelievable I love you for you always being you and I feel like when we argue it shows our true love for each other <3 you are really fucking amazing, if I ever lose you I’ll probably hate myself I just want to protect you from killing yourself by doing drugs and alcohol I love you because I followed my heart and you are here for me and I’m here for you, and I love you so much no matter what happens I can never hate you because you are so fucking amazing and you mean the universe to me and I want to be here for you no matter what and I want to give you the best advice there is, well even if I do kill myself I want to do one goal and that’s stopping you from hurting your body and possibly killing yourself, I’m sad that you don’t care about that and it hurts me a lot because without you I feel like a nobody... no I am a nobody. I hope next year we do meet and have a fun time ;) hehe I just cannot stop loving and caring about you and I’m writing this because it’s your birthday(when I give this to you) because you deserve the most caring and most loving person ever, and I hopefully am and I hope you know that, Esha you are very pretty so fucking amazing I promise you I won’t ever stop loving you even if everything goes to shit, I usually am the one who fucks everything up, but it seems like every time we fight we always get closer... like it’s true and I made my promise, I know sometimes you don’t listen to me but that’s okay I’m used to it but I just want to keep you happy in different ways and without you I feel nothing, when you aren’t talking to me I worry you aren’t okay, you are also very cute, I don’t want to hear you calling yourself a slut hoe or anything you’re not, you just got into the wrong crowd because you are depressed I know you are, but you are still a spectacular and gorgeous girl. When you first confessed your love to me I just felt weird like I know something good happened but I had a weird feeling that you were my soulmate, and I realized I want to be married to you and I knew it. I knew you were the person for me and I knew when we first had our big argument about you and Nolan having sex I hurt myself because I knew I was hopeless after I wrote what I did if it didn’t work then I might not be even here right now, your love saved me and I love you so fucking much and I hope we never fight ever again I really hope we don’t, you are my precious cutie and I love you so fucking much I will protect you from anything this world throws at us, you have loved me the longest and I’m grateful for that, I really am but I’m scared of you overdosing and possibly killing yourself I love you so much and I hate what harm you are doing to your body, and I want to fix that. Esha you are so fucking amazing in your own way I love you for who you are, I just want you to be happy in different ways that’s why I recommend telling your parents the truth... so you get help and then you cut off the drug addicts out of your life and you can feel more healthier in your life. I know you can do it I believe in you, I believe you can change for the greater good, I love you. But I don’t understand what you see so good in me I’m a psychopathic loser cunt, who’s really antisocial irl, I just feel idk how you can love someone like me I always thought I was unlovable and I feel like I still am, Esha it’s your birthday it should be a national holiday, and you really do mean so fucking much to me but this decision is still kinda killing me, but enough about depressing stuff and more on you, you are so fucking cute you are so fucking lovable you are here for me, you mean the whole fucking universe to me, and I think about you non stop I’m always scared when you do alcohol and drugs, I worry about when you go to school, you mean so much to me, if you end up hating me it’ll hurt me forever and I probably don’t know what to do, your love is everything to me and it makes me happy, and hopefully when we meet the first thing I’ll do is give you a long ass hug and have fun and be happy and maybe I’ll try drugs or drinking only once? Just with you I’ll do it, I just want you to be happy with me and I’ll do anything to make that a reality I’ll give up anything to make it one, I promise you I will always be here for you whenever you need it you can tell me anything and talk to me about almost anything and I’ll put my uncomfortableness aside so you can tell me anything, I promise I’ll be here for you my precious cutie. Esha thank you for saving me also your love means everything to me and I mean it, it really does and if we get together I’ll treat you like a queen because you are a queen to me, I love you so fucking much and I want the best for you, Esha it’s been a really long ride these past 7 months of knowing each other, you almost started hating me and it was my fault not years, I love you so fucking much cutie, you mean the whole damn universe and more to me if I ever lost I will feel nothing but complete sadness, I hope me being depressed isn’t holding anything back and I hope you are being honest with me with everything, I just love you so fucking much and I want to be here for you no matter what, because Esha I’ll do almost anything for you, just to make you happy I’ll give you hugs irl and so much much more love I’ll never give up on you I’ll fight into the end, I want to keep your love forever and ever and for all eternity, you give me so much enthusiasm just by talking to you, you make me love you more and more, I want you to have the best birthday ever and the best life ever because you deserve it you truly do, you are so fucking cute and I love you for your cuteness your amazing personality and more. I hope you are having an amazing birthday if I was there with you I would make it 4x more better and we can do stuff together and sadly I’m not and hopefully you can get your dad to like me, I don’t know the guy so I can’t help you out, I wish I can and I hope he likes me so I can have a chance and I can see you next year <3 I love you so much, and I’m not done writing yet I want this to be the most spectacular thing you have ever read, I always want to be with you no matter what, you mean so fucking much to me, I made my promise to always be with you and I am, I will always protect you from anything, if I don’t ever meet you I’m sorry or we end in a big fight because again I’m a psychopath I’m sorry it would be my fault and I would be shattered with broken dreams, because one of my dreams is to meet you and be there for you irl instead of online, hell we haven’t even called yet which is saddening... we should and I hope we do, because it would also be a great moment and I pray to God/Buddha it comes true. You know that would be the perfect moment after my whole life I suffered and to meet you that pain will temporarily go away and when I stay with you(I hope it will go away permanently) because to me you are an angel that came from the best parts of heaven, and like they say everything happens for a reason so us meeting happened for a reason and I think the reason is that you were picked to be my soulmate <3 and I agree you are, Esha I want you to have the greatest birthday ever and I’m writing you this because I know you will it’s going to be a pain but I want to tell you I love you more than anything and I will always be here for you and I’m sorry for our disagreements in the past and I hope we can forget about the past and worry about the future together and I hope we will have a future and I ask god everyday to protect you from anything bad that happens to you in your life. I just want to tell you that you are as beautiful as a rose and you are so fucking amazing, I will always be here for you and I know I’m probably repeating myself over and over again but that’s okay right? It shows how much you mean to be and that I love you and I do promise I’ll always be for you because Esha, you are my soulmate and I mean it I truly fucking mean it, because you are a very very very special so to me and I’ll give up anything to be with you forever and I honestly hope to god that comes true because you have helped me a lot, and I hope I have helped you a lot and I hope one day you realize drugs are killing and will eventually kill you and you can’t love me or Nolan and especially me while you are dead, if I find out you overdose I’ll cry and probably hurt myself badly, but we can avoid that if you get help I truly mean it when I say I love you, because love isn’t about sex it’s about caring and being there for each other and me stopping you from doing drugs is what love is, there is a reason why you don’t hate me yet even tho you know how insane I am do you know what it is? Love because I love you so fucking much and I’ll be here anytime you ask and I promise I will please don’t give up on yourself because I need a queen, I need someone as great as you to be by my side forever and I hope we do get married and I hope I truly mean it when I say that you are my soulmate, well actually I mean it I mean it with all of my heart and all of my souls, I love you so much Esha and I hope you have the best and the greatest birthday anyone can ever have I love you <3 One more thing, I want to say is that you are the most gorgeous and the most cutest girl there is and you have an extreme side that I enjoy a lot, Thank you Esha so fucking much thank you for being the great person you are I hope from now long you give yourself the credit you deserve because well you deserve it honestly you do, because you’ve saved me and you’ve cared about me a lot, and I love you for that and I love everything about that I just hope my hopes and dreams come true and I hope god listens to me, but anyways happy birthday Esha my princess and my sweetheart I love you so **fucking** much and I want to be with you forever and ever, and I hope our love lasts into the dawn of time(end of time) I love you so much and stay safe and I hope you read every bit of this message because I wrote this with my heart and soul <3, love Eric, you are the greatest gift I could ever ask for thank you for being so amazing even when you say you aren’t you are, well to me at least, it’s just sometimes I don’t support the things you do like drugs and yes I know I keep adding stuff and probably will because you are so fucking special to me you are my angel that touched my heart in a special way, and I want to thank you for that I want to thank you for everything you’ve done for me, you have numbed some of my emotional and mental pain just by talking to you each day I’m really happy, thank you Esha you are the greatest gift any man or any person in the damn universe that anyone could ask for and I’m grateful to have you by my side I love you so fucking much, you mean the whole universe to me and I hope you feel the same to me because I love you so much I’ll always be here for I promise, even if we fight and I’m angry at you I’ll still talk to you even if our friendship ends in hatred the door would always be opened for you to come back, the conclusion is that I wanted to write you this because you are my love of my life my soulmate and hopefully one day my wife <3 love you so much Esha, have the best day damn if your whole fucking life do whatever you want, love Eric, because you deserve it you really do and I’ll do anything for you well **almost** anything for you and I will always protect you, because Esha you deserve this and because you are the love of my life, this is the longest thing I have ever write, to you. But hey you deserve it you deserve all the love I could ever give and this is all of my love and care in this long word wall, and when we meet we can do anything together but I hope your dad likes me because I don’t want to lose you, because I need you I really want to be happy with you, forever and ever because I know god looked down at me and he saw I was depressed so he gave you an angel my hope my love and I thanked god, and I’m thanking you for the happiness you have given me I don’t want this to end ever, just by talking to you, you have given me it please I don’t want to see you calling yourself slut, hoe, whore any of those, because it’s wrong and false information about yourself because Esha you are pretty, cute, awesome, friendly and phenomenal and I can’t lie about that, love you so much sweetheart cutie and the best person in the world and the person I fucking love the most, love you so fucking much, did I say happy birthday Esha... well happy birthday and enjoy yourself, wish I was there, don’t give up on yourself ever Esha remember that keep fighting and become a better person and I hope you do and I’ll be here to help you every step away.I promise I will I will always help you out and be here for you because you are my special cutie little princess. well in this final final final note I just want to say I hope you enjoy your day, because typing all of this really has hurt my hands a lot but I did it because you are so special to me and you deserve all of my love in this whole galaxy, I love you Esha and you do really mean everything to me I hope, even when we fight if it happens again we can always settle our problems because I’ll forgive you no matter, stay safe and become a better person, I love you have a great day <3 Love, Eric